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As kids, we hated going to the dentist. For me, it was the sharp glistening tools that they were going to use to drill my teeth in that scared me. I did anything to avoid going to the dentist. Even though they were kind and gentle, I still didn’t want to be there. I can’t do pain. What can I say…I’m a pussy, Lol. I have always took care of my teeth. No, I don’t have the perfect smile but my teeth is and still remains white. There is nothing worst than someone that has a beautiful smile but has yellow teeth. Yuck! That is a deal breaker for me. I give thanks to my Dentist, Myself, and to White with Style. I make sure I visit my dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings. Not only that, but I floss everyday…well I try to. I brush my teeth and tongue thoroughly. Now I added White with Style to my morning and night routine. I am part of the White with Style family because they are amazing! They are the perfect fit for me. The customer service is quick and easy. The company have an amazing team and loyal customers. The products are cruelty free, BPA Free, 99.9% Kosher, Gluten Free, Vegan Sensitive Free, and is made in the USA. They products are made with the highest quality ingredients. If your smile is important to you, then head over to White with Style on Instagram. The whitening kits actually does work and is for everyone. You can take it wherever and use it whenever. Remember yellow teeth and bad breath is never in style.

The teeth whitening kits comes with clear and easy instructions. The process doesn’t take long and is pain free. For example, if you are doing your makeup, running errands, cleaning, or doing some Instagram stalking then you can whiten your teeth at the same time. That’s multi-tasking at its finest. You save time and money. Usually, the teeth whitening kits cost about $300 but if you use my code: “CRYSTALEE”, you can get it for ONLY $28! Here is a bonus: White with Style comes in different flavors and have Deals Of The Day. Don’t forget to tag and use #whitewithstyle #whitewithstyleresults #smileinstyle. We want to see you and give love back. Lets change the world one smile at a time.

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