1. What inspired you to become a graphic designer?
” I’ve always had a talent for art, I’ve been drawing and painting since I was three. But I didn’t decide on it as a career until my second year of college.
2. What have you learned during this journey?
” I’ve learned that failure is an option. In order to know what success feels like, you have to fail a few times. Pick yourself back up and keep on pushing for your goals.
3. What do you define as beauty?
” Beauty is what you define it as. For me, beauty is not only on the outside and how you carry yourself, but also what you put out into the universe to bring light to others’ lives.
4. How do you deal with your own insecurities and what advice can you give other women who have them?
” Embrace your insecurities. Instead of me hiding my cellulite, for instance, I show it off, because that is just the human body and we all have one.
5. What are some of the worst decisions you’d have made, how have they affected you and what did you learn from them?
” This may sound shallow, but I think the worst decision I’ve made is trying to conform to beauty standards with my hair. I wanted so bad to have straight hair as a child. Looking back, I should have embraced my uniqueness. My hair was always huge back in the day, but due to chemicals and straighteners, it’s nowhere near its lush beauty. With my decisions in life, I wish I hadn’t been so naive. It probably would have saved me a lot of heartbreak.
6. What advice can you give to young women who are interested in following your footsteps?
” Do what you want to do. Don’t let the system hold you back. If you want to start modeling, take pictures. If you want to enter the fashion industry, start styling. Invest in yourself. Go with your gut.
7. Growing up what did you struggle the most with and how different is that today?
 ” Growing up I struggled most with my trusting of people. I was extremely naive. It wasn’t until my 20s that I began to take people as they are, rather than expecting a fairy tale love or friendship.
8. Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? What goals do you want to accomplish?
” In 10 years, I’d love to have a steady income from fashion blogging, but will definitely still be designing full-time. I also see myself in a bigger city out west.
9. Do you have any beauty routines and if so, what are they?
” I try to stick with all natural products for my skin. I wash my face morning and night, tone my skin with apple cider vinegar, and use lavender oil from before applying makeup. I also stick to vegan and nontoxic makeup. I love to exfoliate a couple of times a week as well. It’s great for the whole body! I usually use a sea salt exfoliant or make my own with brown sugar.
10. Do you have any upcoming events or plans we should watch out for?
” I have several exciting projects coming up in the near future. Definitely keep an eye out on Instagram and my blog,!
11. Where do you find peace?
” I always find peace in the gym. It’s a great place to get my thoughts together and plan out my goals. I also find peace when I’m alone with my sketchbook.
12. What are some beauty tips you can give to our girls?
” I try to stick with all natural products for my skin. I wash my face morning and night, tone my skin with apple cider vinegar, and use lavender oil from before applying makeup. I also stick to vegan and nontoxic makeup. I love to exfoliate a couple of times a week as well. It’s great for the whole body! I usually use a sea salt exfoliant or make my own with brown sugar.
13. What do you think is the most significant barrier to female leadership?
” The most significant barrier to female leadership would most likely be society’s views of women. Honestly, we should be on a pedestal. We give life to everything on this planet. Start treating us like queens.
14. Is there anything you’d like to share that you wish someone had shared with you?
” Stop caring about what people think. What do YOU think? If you are satisfied, great. If not, keep pushing until you reach that goal. Get rid of toxic people. Get rid of insecurities. Get rid of any negativity that stunts your growth. You are more than you believe.
15. How would you describe yourself in one word?
” I would describe my self as a daydreamer
16. What do you do for fun?
” Well, my fashion blog is something I do for fun, definitely. I also love traveling, eating at hole-in-the-wall diners, working out, and getting any art done when I can.
17. Does your family and friends support your dream?
” I think my family and friends support me, yes. I’ve received nothing but love for my successes.
18. What is success to you?
” Success to me is happiness. When you achieve happiness in your mind, you’ve made it. Only then can you excel at reaching for bigger goals.
19. When did your love of fashion begin?
” My love for fashion began after college. I was finally able to afford something other than bread and crackers, haha!
20. Who is your celebrity crush?
” I don’t dabble into celebrity obsessions, but if I had to pick, Rihanna. She just embodies the strong, independent woman.
21. Is there any woman who inspires you? Why?
” Tons of women inspire me! All the gorgeous ladies I’ve found on Instagram starting new businesses and becoming the queens they are meant to be, just truly inspirational. I love working with girl bosses.
22. Who would you love to collaborate with if you had the opportunity?
” I would love to collaborate with BIG name photographers and magazines one day. I mean modeling for Balmain is every girls’ dream, right?!
23. I see that you are also a model, do you have a role model that is in the modeling industry? If so, Who and why?
” I truly appreciate women like Zendaya and Ashley Graham. Both so different, but with the same message—don’t take shit from people. Be yourself and live your best life. Its great to receive a message like that from two completely different looking models.
24. You have extremely gorgeous body and gorgeous skin. Do you have any tips on how to get and keep clear and healthy skin? Do you workout and if so, what are your fitness routines?
” Thank you! I definitely have the occasional blemish and especially during my cycle, but my tips would be: eat clean—no dairy, fruits and veggies all the way; exercise daily; ALWAYS wash your face morning and night; and use all natural products—no drug store chemicals. My fitness routine is pretty intense. I work out at least 5 days a week. Two to three days a week I do fasted cardio. Later in the day I’ll do my weights: 2 leg days, shoulder day, arm day, chest/back/core day. Also see #9.
25. What was the biggest change you had to make in life?
” My diet and my mindset were the biggest changes I’ve had to make so far. For my diet, I had to switch to an all natural lifestyle. I have the occasional cheat meal and drink, about twice a month. It started for medical reasons, but now I love it. For my mindset, I had to really define what happiness was for myself. Was happiness a bundle of material items? Or was it something that I had to search for in my brain? It was like a finally turned on a switch and decided that positivity is all I want for myself and the people around me.
26. How do you feel about surgery?
” If women want to enhance their physicality with surgery, by all means, do it and own it. But don’t be a “Kardashian” and act like it’s “all natural”, because baby boo, we know it’s not.
27. What do you think is holding this generation of women back?
” I think the system is holding this generation of women back. We need to get rid of the old white men in power and take it for ourselves.
28. Are you dating? What is your type?
” No, I’m not dating.
29. Do you consider yourself as a role model?
” I don’t consider myself a role model, but then again, I’ve never thought of it. I do express myself in my style in ways that I want all women to express themselves. Just don’t be afraid of what others think. Don’t be afraid of your nipple showing because society says it’s disgusting, or whatever. It’s the human body. Own it and do you, boo!
30. What made you decide to become a blogger?
” I became a blogger after peer pressure from my college mates. The older I got, the more into fashion I became, and they urged me to get on Instagram, which prompted my website. I was so inspired by other bloggers, I decided to give it a try.
  • I was born and raised in Louisiana with a French-Cajun/Creole heritage
  • I have five siblings
  • I’m on a vegetarian diet
  • I’ve heard I do a great Britney Spears impression






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