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Is The Flat Tummy Tea Really Worth It?

I have been using the Flat Tummy Tea on and off for over a year now and people always ask me that question. My answer normally goes like: its depending on the purpose you are using it for and the expectations you have of the results. Remember this tea does not promise to make you lose weight because its more of a cleanse and detox. So continue reading this post to see if its really worth buying.

Flat Tummy Tea is a two-step herbal detox tea that naturally helps detoxify your system. If you have never tried Flat Tummy Tea before than I would recommend you get the 4-week program for $49 U.S. because once you try it, you’ll love it. But, they also have a 2-week program for $36 which is cheaper than some of the other detox teas. If you go to their website right now, they are having a 20% sale. For the tea to work the instructions have to be followed. Step 1 is a morning Activate tea that gets your body ready for the day much like you might have heard breakfast is the important meal of the day. A good breakfast fuels you up and gets you ready for the day. In general, kids and teens who eat breakfast have more energy, do better in school, and eat healthier throughout the day. Without breakfast, people can get irritable, restless, and tired. Expect that these natural ingredients will give you an antioxidant boost and an extra energy boostStep 2 is an evening Cleanse tea that works to detoxify your digestive tract of built up toxins and reduce water weight – the two main reasons why your stomach is bigger when you go to sleep than when you wake up in the morning! Sometimes I miss a few days because I either forget to drink it or wake up late. Rushing out the house for work, school, or for whatever reason means no time to sit and have tea. That is why I put it in my water bottle to go. But I am sure you can relate to how difficult sticking to a routine can be at times.

Here are my findings:
1. Eat healthy. If you continue eating junk food you will not see the results.
2. You have to be consistent for it to work.
3. Don’t expect a miracle.
4. Aids with the bloating especially during that time of month.
5. Exercising regularly while taking the tea helps a whole lot.
6. Bowel movements are much easier so expect to go at least once or twice a day.
7. Increases metabolism and gives a boost of energy.
8. Tastes minty so you don’t necessarily need to add honey or sugar depending on your preference.

I absolutely noticed a difference in the cleansing effects of the tea and because of it, I was less sluggish. Every couple of days, I would tell myself (and others) “I think the tea is working.” I definitely felt like my body was given a routine with a jumpstart in the morning which is really saying a lot because I normally don’t have any routine as far as eating or diets go. A disclaimer I think I must mention, this is not some miracle tea that’s going to melt away fat. It’s a detoxifying tea to nix water weight that causes bloating.

  • Reduce your bloating
  • Support your metabolism
  • Help maintain a healthy immune system
  • Boost your energy
  • Detoxify your system
  • Decrease your water retention
  • Cleanse your digestive system

So if you have realistic expectations of the product, you will be happy with the results. Plus, it’s hard to argue with the amount of Facebook followers, Instagram followers and positive product reviews. I’m not on the tea right now, but I am drinking green tea with lemon every morning to stay on a hot beverages in the morning routine. That way it will be easier for me to jump back into my next weeks with more tea!

Come and join the Flat Tummy Tea Program so we can kick bloating ass together! The Subscribe & Save program comes with a slightly different blend of tea designed for ongoing use to help keep you on track. Oh, and the best part? You’ll receive a four week cleanse every fourth month to detox your system. Yep, by joining @flattummyco babe collective, you’ll not only keep that tummy flat all year round with the subscription maintenance program, you will also get it at a freakin’ awesome discount. #ohyeah

How do you like to drink your Flat Tummy Tea?!

*This is directly from the Flat Tummy Tea website: Results from consuming the products offered on the Site may vary from person to person. Please do not use the products available on the Site when pregnant or breast feeding. You should consult your doctor before using the products offered on the Site, or any dietary supplement. The statements on the Site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and the products offered on the Site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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The 6 Most Common Beauty Questions – and Some Helpful Solutions

Q: What’s the cause of under eye dark circles – and what treatments can help?
A: Occasional dark circles under the eyes can be caused by factors as simple as lack of sleep, dehydration or an allergy – particularly congestion in the central facial and nasal area. Dark circles can also be hereditary, and are more likely to occur in certain ethnic groups.
But for many folks, dark circles are simply a sign of the aging process at work. As we age, the fat pad under the eye thins, allowing blood vessels underneath to show through. Moreover, as we age, blood flow to the skin beneath the eye becomes sluggish, further increasing the darkness in this area.

While sometimes a skin-lightening product can help fade dark circles, the American Academy of Dermatology reports that creams containing a combination of Vitamin K and retinol have an even more powerful lightening effect. The vitamin K works directly on the blood vessels, while the retinal helps re-build collagen, potentially improving the appearance of dark circles. .
The best way to hide dark circles is with a cosmetic concealing product. However, it’s important to choose one in a shade as close to your natural skin tone as possible.. Choosing a concealer that is too light, particularly white, will cause dark circles to appear gray and call more attention to the problem.

Q: If I use makeup with sunscreen, do I still have to apply sunscreen separately?
A: That all depends on the SPF (sun protection factor) rating of your make up. If it’s 15 or more then it will likely be enough – as long as you apply it properly and in a thick enough layer to get maximum protection. If your makeup contains less than a 15 SPF, then you need a layer of sunscreen as well. But remember, SPF numbers are not cumulative. So, if your foundation has an SPF of 10 and your powder has an SPF of 8, the maximum protection you are getting is 10. Moreover, remember that sun exposure degrades sunscreen , so you have to reapply it every few hours. To avoid having to redo your make-up, check out mineral powders or mineral veils. These loose powders contain a natural sunscreen and can be dusted on top of make-up without getting that heavy, caked-on look.

Q: What’s the best way to deal with age spots – and keep hands from aging?
A: These brown spots (also known as “age spots” or “liver spots”) are actually the result of sun exposure. So one way to avoid them is to protect your hands from the sun. Doing so will not only reduce the risk of age spots, but also reduce collagen breakdown so your hands will wrinkle less.
Rarely found in those under 30, age spots are age related, so a lifetime of sun exposure will give away your birthdays! If you use sunscreen from early in life, you will reduce the risk of age spots in later years. But it’s never too late: using sunscreen after age spots develop will help prevent more from appearing.

While skin lightening products will help diminish some age spots, only permanent treatments, such as lasers or chemical peels, can remove them completely. One caveat: While these treatments are effective, skin on the backs of the hands contains fewer blood vessels than the face, so healing can take longer.

Q: Why do anti-oil shampoos seem to make my hair oilier?
A : The problem is known as “rebound” oil production – a condition that occurs when you strip so much oil from your hair that it sends a message to your sebaceous glands to produce more oil. The greatest offenders are harsh shampoos, some of which are formulated for oily hair. To combat the problem, choose a shampoo for “dry,” “sensitive,” or color treated hair. These products are designed to give the most thorough cleansing without stripping the hair. So not only will you effectively remove all the oils, you won’t trigger the “oil alarm” when doing it.

This holds true for oily skin as well. Indeed, experts say the body’s natural response to skin irritation is oil production. So, the harsher the cleanser – and the more oil you remove – the more oil your sebaceous glands will produce. So what type of cleansers should you use? Look for products marked “gentle,” like those recommended for dry or sensitive skin. They will remove excess oil, while leaving the barrier of fatty acids in tact. This will protect skin and keep oil production under control.

Q: How do I select the right moisturizer for my skin type?
A: It seems like there are zillions of moisturizer choices out there – and no way to know what will work best for you. But experts say if you use your skin type as a guide, you can substantially narrow down product choices.
Here’s a quick guide that can help:

  • If your skin is dry and/or sensitive – meaning it is easily irritated – look for a moisturizer formulated for that skin type.
  • If your skin is oily and acne-prone, your moisturizer should be labeled “non-comedogenic”.
  • If you wake up with your face feeling parched, then in addition to whatever daytime moisturizer you use, you also need a night moisturizer – one that is generally richer, thicker and heavier than a day cream.  

Q: Why does my hair color fade, and what can I do about it?
A: As anyone who colors his or her hair can tell you, the shade you had when you left the salon may not be the same color you end up with 3 weeks later. This is particularly true for blonde hair, which tends to change color the most.

One cause of fading hair color is oxidation, a natural process that occurs when oxygen molecules in the air attach themselves to color molecules in your hair. The end result dulls and fades hair color. While there’s not much you can do about it, you do have power over one contributing factor: sun exposure. Indeed, the sun fades hair color much the same way it fades your living room drapes. Keeping your head covered will dramatically reduce the sun’s fading power.

Shampoo and your water type can also influence color fading. Hard water that is mineral heavy (particularly well water) can leave deposits on hair that dull and fade color. This is exacerbated if you use a harsh or medicated shampoo, which can strip color as well. To reduce fading, choose a quality shampoo with gentle ingredients, and look for products for color treated or damaged/dry hair. You might also want to try a color enhancing shampoo, a temporary product that revitalizes hair and pumps up color between salon appointments. However, be sure to tell your colorist about you trying these kind of shampoos and ask him/her for some recommendations. Some can impact the performance of permanent hair coloring.


Natural Looking Makeup: Learn the Tips For Getting the Look Just Right


Finding the right makeup to wear when you’re going for a natural look can be more complex than you think. You don’t want anything too cakey, too bright, or too dark. And we all know, that looking natural does indeed require SOME makeup application – and some skill, too. The best tip that I have for you is to wear colors close to your natural skin tone, and ones that just enhance and perfect your skin. For your best natural look, follow the tips and tricks below, followed by some of my favorite beauty products to use to get that natural looking glow.

1. Moisturize. Creating the perfect base for your makeup is very important. Moisturizing boosts hydration in your skin, prevents flaking and dullness, and creates a protective layer of moisture that lasts all day. Plus, proper application of a face cream will help anti-aging ingredients work better – increasing the odds that they’ll work.

Beauty Tip:

  • I use Shea Moisture Head-To-Toe Nourishing Hydration 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Sometimes, I feel like I have a dry skin so I have been using POND’S Dry Skin Cream. It deeply hydrates for smooth, soft, radiant skin. *Don’t worry, it won’t clog pores. Pond’s Dry Skin Cream is hypoallergenic and is suitable for sensitive skin. It has been Dermatologist tested for the ones that are concerned.
  • Since I have discovered a ULTA Beauty close by me, I have been going insane. A month ago, I purchased Luminizer Primer Base Lumiere by Dr. Brandt. You can either wear it under your makeup or by itself. If you want to control those pores of yours then Dr. Brandt is the way to go plus it adds a natural glow to your beautiful face.
  • Also, I use Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist. Here is the bonus: It formulates with certified organic ingredients. Tones with this refreshing blend of rosehip, ylang ylang, resveratrol-rich grapeseed oil and antioxidant-rich organic botanical juices for a fresh, radiant complexion.

2. Conceal. Hide away any dark circles, fine lines or blemishes with a concealer. This will get rid of any imperfections and leave your skin looking flawless

Beauty Tip: My go-to concealer is NARS honestly. I have many concealers by different brands but I always end up using NARS.

But sometimes I end up using PUR Bare It All foundation by itself without a concealer because it is a high performance, 12-hour, demi-matte foundation that helps to cover imperfections and instantly perfect the skin while helping to correct the problem areas. Designed for face and body and formulated with PUR’s proprietary Energy Complex and Ceretin Complex, this formula renews the look of your skin and goes the distance.

3. Powder or light foundation. I recommend to use a powder or an airy liquid foundation. The illusion that we’re going for is natural makeup, so using a thick cakey makeup doesn’t fit the bill. Be sure to apply evenly with a brush or sponge for an even, non-streaky, look and your face will appear naturally perfect.

Beauty Tip: For powder, I either use BLACK RADIANCE, IMAN, or Bare Minerals Matte. But remember, if you are using a matte foundation then you don’t want to use a matte powder because you might end up looking cakey.

I also love, I mean I LOVE IMAN Second To None Cream Powder Foundation . It is not heavy on the face and surprisingly, it is full coverage. When wanting to look natural but still be flawless, IMAN Second To None Cream Powder Foundation is the IT FACTOR!

If you still have the desire to bake then lets go bake! I tried the Too Faced Born This Way Ethereal Setting Powder and loved it. Now I can’t get enough. I also use the Black Radiance Soft Focus Finishing Powder to bake and the IMAN Second To None Semi-Loose Powder .

* I don’t use all these powders at once, I use 1 or the other depending on what makeup look I’m going for or usually what my hand grabs first. These are the products that I have used or is still using.

4. Subtle blush. Creme blushes work well because you can rub them in as much as you like for a dramatic or subtle look. Depending on your skin color, blush colors will vary – but peaches tend to look great on everyone. Blend in to your natural cheekbone line where pink undertones normally show.

Beauty Tip: I don’t normally wear blush but when I do, I go for Too Faced Blush.

5. Neutral shadows. Sweep a neutral color over your lids for a muted but beautiful eye. Choose a color that is just a shade or two darker than your skin tone, anything too dark will create a more dramatic eye and won’t look natural.

Beauty Tip: You don’t have to wear eyeshadows, it is totally up to you. Try the L’Oréal L.A Palette Nude or The Nudes Maybelline New York

6. Nude lip. When choosing a lip color, go for the light pinks, peaches and sand colors. You could also apply a little gloss for an even simpler lip.

Try Burt’s Bees for the lip balm, Lucie + Pompette lipglosses, ColorKillMakeup, NYX, Fenty Beauty, LipLand by Amrezy, fullips, NARS, Sonia Kashuk lipliners, or Maybelline lipliners.

7. Little mascara (if any). A thin layer of mascara is all you need for a natural look. You still want your eyes to stand out, so if you have light lashes, adding a layer of mascara may be a good idea. If you naturally have dark, full lashes you may skip out on the mascara.

My Favorite mascara is Benefit Roller Lash and my two favorite eyelash primers so far are L’OREAL Voluminous Primer or the Elf Cosmetic Primer. *Benefit they’re Real mascara is a good one as well and Maybelline has good mascarars as well, it is so hard to choose.

8. No liner. While eyeliner is great for a dramatic eye, it doesn’t fit with the natural makeup look. Don’t apply any eyeliner on the top or bottom. Not only will your face look naturally stunning but you’ll love how easy taking off your makeup is!