How To Create The Perfect Cozy Setting For Sleep

Lately, I haven’t been able to sleep but I realized why… not only because of my spine but it was also because I am stress and my room is full of clutter.

I feel like I m going to write a lot about sleep, but that’s because it’s a topic I’m so passionate about. It also plays a BIG part, when it comes to beauty. I know firsthand the power a good night of sleep can have, as well as how crappy getting bad/no sleep can make me feel. One thing that I swear by is turning my bedroom into the perfect cozy setting for sleep. Not only does this allow me to fall asleep faster, but I feel like it also falls under the category of “self care” because it makes going to bed that much more enjoyable.


I’m a huge advocate of sleeping in a chilly space. There’s truly nothing better than a cold bedroom because you get to snuggle up under all of your blankets without having to worry about getting too hot in the middle of the night. I hate waking up feeling sweaty, so I always make sure to turn the temperature down a degree or two when I go to bed – I’ve even gone so far as turning the fan up at the same time.


Setting the mood for sleep is essential for drifting off quickly and getting a quality night of zzz’s. To create the perfect cozy atmosphere, I like to dim the lights, light a candle or turn on my lava lamp, put on the Rain Rain App, and spray my pillows with a soothing blend of essential oils or Febreze.  Rain Rain helps you fall asleep fast! Has over 100 high-quality endless sounds lull you to sleep in no time and Rain Rain includes unlimited free access to 35 full high quality endless sounds, with more added all the time. Bonus: It also provides premium new and existing sound packs at a low price. It even lets you try a different sound every day for free.


Over 25 free sounds

Seamless, endless audio

Mix sounds to create custom ambiance

Sleep Timer gently fades after a duration or at a time

Bedtime Reminder

art4  Right now, I’m using the AN (Art Naturals) AROMA OIL DIFFUSER and I’m absolutely loving it because it helps me to sensify my space. It is perfect for anyone after a restful shavasana or a mindful meditation. Bonus: It is an Ultra Sonic Humidifier and Air Purifier. Sometimes, I’ll even spritz some essential pure oil on my pillows and then do my nighttime skin care routine to give it a chance to fully settle before I lay down.

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Having a bed to fall into at night that is covered in squishy, soft blankets and sheets is one of the best feelings in the world. I used to just opt for whatever was cheapest when it came to my bedding, but now I actually put a little thought and effort into what goes on my bed. I am that girl who loves a lot of blankets and pillows on her bed. I have 2 long pillows that I purchased at Big Lots and OMG…. I’m in love and those pillows are my cuddle buddy for life. Certain blankets I have had for years and for me, it brings comfort and joy.


I think it’s really important to keep your surroundings in mind when trying to create a cozy sleep setting. You may have the most comfortable bed ever, but if the rest of your room is a mess it’s going to make you feel less cozy and more chaotic. Try to take a few minutes before bed each night to tidy up and put things away. Not only will it allow you to feel more at ease when going to sleep, but you’ll also start the day off on the right foot with clean surroundings.


I really believe that having a good bedtime routine is essential for falling asleep quicker and easier. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy either – just doing the same 2-3 things each night before bed is enough to let your body know that its time to sleep. Like I mentioned before, I like to spray my pillows with a sleep mist and then do my skin care routine while it dries down. I love to take a late night shower because a hot shower also helps lower your body’s temperature. Yeah, your temperature goes up while you’re in the bath, but your body’s response to the heat will be to drop your temperature way down low. After brushing my teeth and washing my face, I’ll usually opt for a quick mask. Lately I’ve been loving the Epielle Facial Essence Mask (Lifting & Forming with Vitamin C) because it gives my skin such a fantastic boost of hydration.

Beauty Secret: My go-to companies/brands for masks are

  4. TO GO SPA

While that’s soaking and working its magic, I’ll take a moment to apply some of the Sculpt Sweat Workout Enhancer Cream by Perfect Sculpt, all over my stomach and lower back area then put on my waist trainer from Shape Waist by Giselle Alonso.


  1. Not only does the Waist Trainer gives an hourglass figure and mobilizes fat cell, it is like you can feel the compression and your stomach is tightening up.
  2. The Sweat Cream enhances circulation, improves fat loss, combats muscle fatigue and delivers therapeutic effects to ailing muscles.
  • Fun Fact: I sleep semi-naked. It’s easier to adjust your comfort zone with sheets and blankets you can pull up or throw off rather than a long nightgown or a pair of fleece pajamas, says neurologist Charles J. Bae, M.D., a sleep specialist at the Cleveland Clinic Sleep Disorders Center. The idea is to make the adjustment in a way that rouses you from sleep the least.

What Are Your Tips For Creating The Perfect Cozy Setting For Sleep/Nap?

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Soul’s Beauty – Poem by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Under the arch of Life, where love and death,
Terror and mystery, guard her shrine, I saw
Beauty enthroned; and though her gaze struck awe,
I drew it in as simply as my breath.
Hers are the eyes which, over and beneath,
The sky and sea bend on thee,—which can draw,         
By sea or sky or woman, to one law,
The allotted bondman of her palm and wreath.

This is that Lady Beauty, in whose praise
Thy voice and hand shake still,—long known to thee
By flying hair and fluttering hem,—the beat
Following her daily of thy heart and feet,
How passionately and irretrievably,
In what fond flight, how many ways and days!


Wake Me Up… Literally!

Sleep cycles, water, alarm clocks – how the heck do I jump instead of collapse out of bed, be a go-getter in the morning (more so than I already am, obviously) because right now I think I would prefer to lick 100 stamps with no water then leave my heavenly, scheduled sanctuary. With social media taking over and becoming the “new normal”, people think that everyone wakes up in the morning looking like a supermodel but I’m sure even the supermodels don’t wake up looking like a supermodel at first. 

Getting out of Bed
sound image ugggghhh 

“The act of slowly but successfully removing oneself from the comfort cloud in order to complete daily tasks” 
A piece of furniture which potentially includes a mattress or some other form of comforter for (hopefully) peaceful rest.
Successfully achieving an experience of starting the day.

Successfully Getting Out Of Bed:

1. No Coffee– Just kidding! I only mean no coffee the afternoon/night before going to bed. Only because caffeine takes longer to pass through your body, so if you want deeper sleep, be able to fall asleep or, actually feel like you have slept then only having your Aphrodite hit in the mornings will provide a wake up cure on it’s own!

2. Cycling– There is some very complex information about REM Cycles, but basically to break it down for you – try to go to sleep at the same time each night. Going to bed earlier and waking up earlier also surprisingly helps with the morning blues. This will start providing your inner body conscious with a very pleasant routine allowing your body to naturally wake up/get out of bed. Voila!

3. Blind YourselfOpen. The. Blinds. Let the very nice natural sun/daylight into your room. Unless you are in Scandinavia land, sorry can’t do much about that! It gives you a very positive and enlightening start to the day.

4. Become A Watering Hole– As soon as you wake up in the morning, drink a cup of water. It helps to replenish all the water that has been lost during the night from sweating and exhaling. Keeping your body hydrated this early, actually makes your body move a lot easier too since it aids our bodies natural processes.

5. Be Strategic– Place your alarm clock/phone/gadget/boyfriend, whatever you use on the other side of the room. Need I say more. 
If you open your eyes 0.01ms faster than usual and are feeling particularly ambitious…..
Pull out your crouching tiger, hidden hippo moves. Morning stretching not only helps energize you for the start of the day, it can provide a relaxed and focused mindset. Some of the main stretches/yoga poses which work best is the spinal stretch, cat tilt and the good old hands to toes.
Also, Einstein believed that imagination is more powerful than knowledge and our imaginations are ready to explode in the morning. So if you like reading your daily newspaper or Twitter feed, try to read something uplifting. It’s best to keep the negativity at bay and let our imagination run wild on paper to kick-start your cognitive functions.

Go get em’ tiger !

Do you wake up early to reach your goals? If so, do you have any additional tips for waking up early?

XO BeautyLeeBar (B.L.B)