Women Who Inspire: Chatting with Fitness Guru, Model & Reality Star Jenna Compono

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Hello Beauties, I had the pleasure of interviewing reality tv star, Jenna Compono. I started this page because in a world full of hate and negativity, I thought let me be one of those people who bring some type of happiness in the world while also celebrating women in a positive light. "Women Who Inspire Me" is held very close to my heart because if you are a women who are chasing her dreams while being unapologetic herself then why not celebrate that. It doesn't matter what skin color, race, or religion you are, if my soul is inspired by you somehow then I will gladly collab with you.

Jenna Compono is an MTV Real World veteran and model who has appeared on The Challenge, Battle of the Exes II, Bloodlines, and The Challenge: Champs vs Stars. Ms.Compono is a true champ in my eyes, she always pushes herself to do better, to be better with such a delightful attitude. She doesn't pick fights with people and isn't a bully. Since the day she came across our tv screen, she has been the same happy bubbly Jenna that we fell in love with. 

Even though, Jenna has taken a break from tv to heal her ankle, she is still up in the gym sweating it out while making some moves to help cultivate her career. Today, Jenna opens up about her relationship, school, and more. Let's dive in...

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1. What inspired you to get into fitness?

Being on these competitive shows, it really opened my eyes that I needed to start building up muscle and endurance. I have to thank the Challenge for helping me realize I needed to spend more time in the gym!

2. What have you learned during this journey?

I have learned that even though these shows are full of drama, they are also a once in a lifetime opportunity that not many people can say they got to experience. I am truly blessed to be able to have the opportunity to be on so many.

3. Define beauty in your own words?

Beauty is all about being comfortable and confident in your own skin. It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, it’s all about what is on the inside; it’s about being unique.

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4. What was it like being on MTV’S The Challenge and Champs vs Stars?

It was a lot different from being on a regular challenge. We had a lot more off time and were able to keep our cell phones which was amazing. It was also different competing with people who are actual athletes. I had a lot of respect for them pausing their busy lives and coming out to compete for charity.

5. Of all the people in the fitness world, who would you love to collaborate with if given the opportunity? 

( I don’t really know fitness people sorry!) ahh

6. What advice can you give to young women who are interested in following your footsteps?

Never give up! Whether it be about fitness, dreams, opportunities or life! The harder you work the more will come from it. 

7. How has your life change since being on tv?

I am the same person on TV as I am off TV. Of course more people recognize you now, but I try to be the exact person I was before. I am still humble and still work hard. Being on TV was a treat and I enjoy every second of it, but it isn’t my entire life.

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8. What goals do you want to accomplish in your career and in life?

My main goal was to be a Sports Illustrated model, or a Victoria Secret model. Although I still haven’t made it there quite yet, I am not giving up. YOU JUST WAIT AND SEE! I will be there one day! My goal in life is to have a happy healthy family, a great job, stable income, and a gorgeous house.

9. Do you have any beauty routines and if so, what are they?

Every morning I wash my face, apply a toner and then CE Ferulic Acid, and every night I wash my face, use the toner and a moisturizer. I always wash my makeup off at night. It causes less breakouts and helps from your skin getting dull and wrinkled.

10. Do you have any upcoming events or plans we should watch out for?

Yes! The first week of June I will be In San Francisco doing an event with Leroy, Kam and CT. Stay updated on my Instagram @jennacompono I will be posting details as it gets closer.

11. What do you think is the most significant barrier to female leadership?

I think that people font take women seriously, they just think it’s another pretty face. But watch out! We are BEAUTY AND BRAINS.

12. Describe yourself in one word?

  • Unique

13. What made you decide to join MAXIM’S FINEST?

I love being in front of the camera, I always have, and after shooting for years, I decided to send my photos into Maxim and was approved! I also had a bunch of my supporters telling me I would have a great shot if I tried out… and they were right! I was a finalist!

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14. Name 2 your beauty must-haves & Name 2 of your fitness must-haves

  • Mascara and Chapstick
  • Resistance bands and pre workout!

15. Is there any woman who inspires you? Why?

My mom inspires me because although we have been through a lot over the years, she has never given up on being a hard worker, a mom and making sure all of her kids had everything they needed to have a happy secure life. She’s the best woman I know.

16. Are you still interested in criminal justice?

Yes, I am still interested in criminal justice, and I do plan to get back to that as soon as my career with TV is over.

17. Are you single or that isn’t a priority right now?

I am not single. I am currently dating Zach Nichols who I originally met on my first season; Battle of the Exes II. Everything is going great and we are the happiest we have ever been.

18. What is your favorite quote/poem?

Work hard, stay humble.

19. What do you like best about your body?

I love that I am tall. I am 5’9 and with heels I am over 6 foot. I used to hate it when I was younger, being the tallest girl in class, but now I embrace it and show off my long legs! haha

20. What’s your typical workout routine?

I go to the gym everyday and do the stair master or treadmill for about an hour, then I workout with light weights or resistance bands for about 30 minutes. I also do hot yoga, hot Pilates and a hot booty and core workout. To sweat so much and get in a great body weight workout has become one of my favorite things!

Want to find out more about Jenna Compono? Check out her Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, & Facebook

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