5 Summer Beauty Hacks You Need to Know Now

Beauty hacks are probably some of my favorite kind — because who doesn’t love a get-gorgeous pro tip and a time-saving, life-made-easier trick rolled into one? Just in time for summer, I put together some of my favorites to get you going and glowing fast.

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5. Use Blotting Paper
Keep blotting paper handy for the times when your face is threatening to become an oily mess. Use this to soak up the extra oil by gently dabbing the paper on your face, and follow up with compact powder. Voila! Your face is looking fabulous again.


4. Spray On Facial Mist
When it feels like your face is melting, and the sun is being rather harsh, a facial mist could save the day. Spray generously for some instant freshness!


3. Prevent Those Sunglass Marks
We love our sunnies, but they are notorious for leaving unflattering marks around the nose. Fret not; apply compact powder on the nose pads of the sunglasses, and a little loose powder on the nose… There! An instant fix. Go on, try it. You can thank me later.

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2. Make Your Perfume Last Longer
If 10 minutes in the sun has your deodorant giving up, the struggle to smell good gets real. Take some Vaseline, and apply it on your pulse points. Now, spray perfume on these areas to smell good all day.

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1. Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam  Image result for using Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam gifs cartoon
I don’t know about you but in the summer months my hair could seriously do with a daily shampoo what with the grease and the sweat…I know, nice. But if you don’t want to dry your hair out by over-washing, but also hate the feel of regular dry shampoo in your hair, this foam will become your new BFF. 

Rather than filling your hair with powder to soak up excess oil, this foam absorbs oil, product build up and other impurities, leaving behind zero residue. Massage it into your roots just like you would a hair mousse and it will leave you with squeaky clean, dry hair.



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