GLASS HALF-_____?!

This tangent is all about perspective. Life is full of highs and lows but when it’s low, it can be hard to remember what being high feels like… and no this is not a philosophical way of recommending you take drugs. Just say no, kids. What I am recommending is choosing a perspective that suits your needs. You cannot control what happens in life. You can’t control opportunities, success, relationships or interactions with other people. You can do your bit but ultimately, you just can’t control them and that can be frustrating, saddening, infuriating and sometimes downright depressing. Good news is, you can control something… your perspective. 

So, are you the type of person who sees the glass as half-full or half-empty? Are you optimistic or pessimistic? Do you sometimes wish you had the opposite perspective of the one you typically carry? I do.

Having a positive perspective doesn’t come naturally to me, it’s something I have to make a conscious choice to find, project and maintain. You get from the universe what you put into it and hey, we all want positivity coming our way! As I get older and put more effort into becoming the woman I strive to be, I try more and more to have a positive perspective. When I try and am genuinely feeling “glass half-full” about life, the universe pays it forward and good things come to fruition. When I’m all “glass half-empty”, the world sucks, life’s unfair… I get stuck in a rut and no good comes from it at all. But… yes, there’s a but…

BUT I was having a conversation with a friend not too long ago and I found myself using this glass half-what?! analogy to encourage her to look at the situation as half-empty because there is such a thing as being optimistic to a fault. I’d vote for positive energy all day long but this was a dilemma of the heart and frankly, a big ol’ ” he’s just not that into you” moment. I know. Harsh. But it’s the responsible duty of a true friend… Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Aniston said so. There are some scenarios where seeing the glass half-full seems to set you up for disappointment whereas seeing it as half-empty can leave you pleasantly surprised if and when it all turns out well in the end. 

All that said, is it better to be negative and happy when life exceeds your expectations or positive and risk being let down by life’s lows? I’d say positivity is generally a more pleasant way to ride the inevitable roller coaster but how does one know when it’s the right time to choose one perspective over the other? Can we know? Is there a right answer? I sure as hell don’t know. Sorry if you were waiting for some profound guidance on life but this is just my two cents, people. 

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