How to Find the Best Foundation for Your Skin Tone, According to an MUA

Foundation range is a vital part of the beauty world, and brands everywhere are accountable for creating a shade range that fits every skin tone and undertone — whether you’re cool, neutral, warm, and everything in between. Choosing your exact foundation match is the next step in the process, and in order to break down how to do so once you’re in the aisle at your nearest Sephora or drugstore, I found some tips that will help. Ahead, find three hacks to master finding the best foundation for your skin tone.

RULE 1: Swatch, Swatch, Swatch

My first tip is a no-brainer: You’ve got to swatch the product first and foremost. The side of the face along the jawline is the best place to swatch. If you can blend down to your neck and the color disappears, that’s a good match. This trick will help make sure that the foundation color you choose will not only blend seamlessly onto your face but will also perfectly complement your neck.

RULE 2: Mix if You Please

The next tip is that it’s okay to mix foundations if you find yourself falling between shades. When using foundation, sometimes it’s not necessarily about making your entire face lighter or darker, it’s about letting certain areas be their natural color. This means you can always mix two shades to customize as you please.

RULE 3: No One is One Shade

Especially for women of color, if you have different tones on your skin, you should use two different foundation shades. Leaving the perimeter of the face darker acts as a natural contour in this case. I don’t think anyone is one shade; even if you’re very even, you want to play with light and dark tones to add some dimension.

Vitamin 101 | Super Cool Toner!

My skin simply CANNOT be without a toner! If I skip toner even for one day, my skin breaks out really bad! Toner is great for everyone, it keeps our skin balanced and also helps to remove impurities! It helps keep our skin even toned and blackhead free, which is something I love! The other day, I couldn’t find my favorite toner anywhere, so not wanting to risk breaking out, I had to make a toner at home! I actually loved it so much I used it for an entire week (I might use it longer)!


3 Cucumber Slices
1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice

Mix ingredients together and place in a jar. Let sit for at least 30 minutes before applying the mix to a cotton pad and rubbing gently all over face and neck. If your skin is slightly dry, try only using the mixture on your T-Zone!

Vitamin 101 | Even Skin Toner (Takes 10.5 Seconds to Make)

I try a TON of makeup and skincare products–needless to say, my skin takes a beating for it! Of course, knowing what to use on my skin really helps! Without some simple techniques, my skin starts to look dull and completely uneven! Not to mention I break out, veeeery easily!! One of the best things to do when I have no time but need some freshening up is to actually use cucumber juice and rub it on my face with a cotton pad! Of course making fresh cucumber juice can be time-consuming, so sometimes (like today) I just rub cucumber slices on my face for the same effect!

12 benefits of cucumber juice

Why this is awesome: Cucumbers are AMAZING at tightening our pores and help freshen up your skin immediately! They are also great for evening skin tone and keeping skin balanced, which means fewer breakouts!! Plus, they have vitamins A & C, plus great amounts of potassium, silica, and chlorophyll, which means it not only feels great but is so healthy for your skin!

Have You Tried This? Comment how you use cucumbers!

Say Yes to Winter SPF

Its no secret SPF is essential during the summer months. But did you know it’s equally important during the wintertime? Oh, what’s that? You work inside all day so you don’t need sunscreen? Not so fast; it’s important for you too!

UV rays are just as harmful during the winter as they are in the summertime… even if you spend your days working indoors, hidden from the sunshine. UVA rays penetrate window glass, which means you are exposed during your commute and if your office is filled with natural light. UV rays are especially harmful in snowy conditions since rays are strengthened due to the reflective nature of snow. The same goes for cloudy days. So lather up ladies!

All of these forms of exposure contribute to something called “photoaging.” Photoaging is a process of aging caused by UVA and UVB exposure. Major symptoms of photoaging include spider veins on the face or neck, loss of color and fullness in lips and wrinkle formations on the face, neck, ears, hands or chest. No thank you! (Note: You may want to think twice about those hands on the sunny steering wheel too because hands and necks show the symptoms of photoaging the most.) Since even the slightest bits of exposure add up quickly, it’s important to protect any uncovered skin with a broad spectrum UVA and UVB lotion with a minimum SPF of 15.

I use SPF 50 every morning (I use Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Face Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+). I apply it to my face, neck, and hands. If you’re looking for a quality SPF, I suggest buying something with one or more of the following ingredients:

  • B3: It aids in skin renewal and helps to improve your skins natural moisture barrier.
  • Lycopene: Helps improve your skin’s natural protection against ultraviolet radiation.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Restores water content, elasticity, and firmness to your skin.
  • Vitamin C: This antioxidant helps reduce the appearance of sun damage and increases skin’s moisture.
  • Katafray Bark: This ingredient is full of natural moisturizing properties.
  • Argan Oil: Repairs sun damage and keep skin looking radiant and smooth.

What’s your favorite SPF?

XO Lee