Vitamin 101 | Even Skin Toner (Takes 10.5 Seconds to Make)

I try a TON of makeup and skincare products–needless to say, my skin takes a beating for it! Of course, knowing what to use on my skin really helps! Without some simple techniques, my skin starts to look dull and completely uneven! Not to mention I break out, veeeery easily!! One of the best things to do when I have no time but need some freshening up is to actually use cucumber juice and rub it on my face with a cotton pad! Of course making fresh cucumber juice can be time-consuming, so sometimes (like today) I just rub cucumber slices on my face for the same effect!

12 benefits of cucumber juice

Why this is awesome: Cucumbers are AMAZING at tightening our pores and help freshen up your skin immediately! They are also great for evening skin tone and keeping skin balanced, which means fewer breakouts!! Plus, they have vitamins A & C, plus great amounts of potassium, silica, and chlorophyll, which means it not only feels great but is so healthy for your skin!

Have You Tried This? Comment how you use cucumbers!

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