I am the biggest fan of subscription boxes. The subscription boxes are usually filled with stuff that I’ve never tried before or what I have tried before and loved. Since discovering Knours, I have also came across Kali Box. A company that specialises in delivering chic, organic, and toxin-free tampons, pads and sanitary wipes right to your door. Revolutionary!!

What is Kali?

In a time when everyone is concerned about health, Kali Boxes fits right in.  Their products are made of 100% organic cotton, free from fragrances, parabens, chlorine bleach, dyes, deodorants, and other ingredients that can be harmful to our bodies.  Kali Boxes’ products are vegan and cruelty-free and are also ICEA and GOTS certified. Their individually-wrapped wipettes are also free from harsh ingredients such as chlorine, sulfates, and parabens, and can be used to freshen up any part of your body.  In addition to tampons, pads, panty liners, and wipes, Kali Boxes also carries facial mist, menstrual cups, coconut body scrub, bath soaks, and a custom essential oil blend, all of which are also made of organic ingredients sans any harmful chemicals. Kali Boxes’ mission is to provide you with products that will make you feel good during that time of the month so that you can pamper yourself even when you’re not feeling your best.

Along with your monthly supply of pads, tampons, and wipes, Kali Boxes also includes a free facial mist in every order, as well as a couple of surprises from various brand partners.  These goodies can range from organic deodorants to clay face masks, allowing you to sample new products from the comfort of your own home. Past Kali Boxes brand partners have included HUM Nutrition, Only Hearts underwear, Little Seed Farm, Cocofloss, and many more.  Kali Boxes function as both a feminine product subscription service and a beauty and self-care sample deal, making it one of the best “bang for your buck” subscriptions out there.

Now, I’m usually good at keeping period supplies at home but sometimes I find myself rummaging around the house when that time of the month comes looking for that one pad to rescue me. I usually fail and end up having to send my beautiful mother to the nearest market to grab a box. Pads and tampons are filled with chemicals and harsh materials so it is important to educate yourself on which lady essential to use.

Kali products are exactly the feminine hygiene products I’ve so desperately been searching for. These pads are made with 100% hypoallergenic and certified organic cotton. Absolutely no chemicals!
The tampon and cardboard applicator are 100% biodegradable and ethically and sustainably sourced. They don’t shred fibre either. The liners are also 100% hypoallergenic and made from certified organic cotton. Both of their absorbency is terrific! The wipes come in handy too. It’s great for traveling and freshing up not only your V but also your face and underarm as well. They are 100% Sulfate & Paraben Free, and 99.98% organic and all natural.

The subscription costs roughly around $18 – $22.89 a month depending on the box options. It actually costs about the same as tampons and pads you purchase at the drug store or supermarket but much better quality and better for your body and health. It also saves you a trip to the store and you never have to worry about not having pads each month when your evil step sister flow arrives.

In addition to the regular feminine product subscription, Kali Boxes also offers a teen box catered towards younger girls who might be getting their periods for the first time.  The teen box includes 6 organic cotton teen day pads, 6 teen night pads, 6 teen panty liners, 4 organic tampons with cardboard applicators, and 4 organic tampons with plastic applicators, as well as 10 wipettes and some special product surprises.  The teen box is perfect for younger girls who are new to the world of feminine hygiene and aren’t sure what products they should use. The Kali Lux Teen Kit is a great place to start, as it allows girls to try out different menstrual products and find what works best for them.  The teen box makes a perfect gift for your daughter, younger sister, or niece who may be feeling worried and insecure about starting their period, as this can help them prepare for that time of the month and eliminate any additional stress. Younger girls will also appreciate the extra goodies that come with their Kali Boxes, and they’ll enjoy getting to sample new products.

In addition to offering subscription boxes full of quality organic feminine care products, Kali Boxes also runs Kaliperiodical.com, an informative blog brought to you by the Kali team.  Blog topics on the site include period talk, lifestyle, travel, health and wellness, and sex and relationship advice. The Kali Periodical is a great resource for women of all ages, as it provides insight on everything a modern girl would need to know.  The site is run by Kali CEO Jonna Piira, as well as several other team members, including writers, fitness gurus, and nutritionists. The Kali Periodical is one of the most informative blogs out there for women and definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for fun, educational content.

If all of this information still hasn’t convinced you that Kali Boxes is the best feminine subscription service out there, then I strongly suggest trying it for yourself! To get started, simply take the short quiz on the Kali Boxes website to create a customized box. Your box will ship within 2-3 business days, and then you can expect your boxes to arrive by the first day of every month. With the holidays right around the corner, a Kali Boxes subscription makes a great gift for the women in your life!

Kali Box is the greatest luxury for periods so go ahead and give it a try!

There is No Commitment and you can Pause or Cancel at any time.


Have you purchased from them yet? Let me know what you think!

If you have any other subscription boxes suggestions, comment down below.

Odds & Ends: What It Means When ‘Mercury Is In Retrograde’?

I don’t know about you, but recently I’ve heard more and more people blaming Mercury for things. At first, I didn’t understand why this poor planet was being accused of breaking cell phones, causing communication issues, and just generally making every aspect of life just a little bit messed up. So, I decided to do some research and find out what it really means when someone lists “Mercury in retrograde” as the culprit in whatever issue they’re dealing with. Here’s what I found out…

Three or four times a year, the planet Mercury looks like it’s going backwards for three weeks, give or take a couple days. It’s not actually moving backwards, but it slows down a lot, which gives the optical illusion of receding, which is where the retrograde part comes in. And according to astrology, Mercury is the planet responsible for communication (including listening, talking, reading, negotiating), contracts, and transportation. Mercury is also in charge of computer code (I’m not sure how it works, but that’s what I hear…), which is why phones, computers, tablets, printers, and any other technology devices can go haywire during this time period. So because of this, all of those aspects of life can go awry during the time period of Mercury in retrograde.

Essentially, miscommunication thrives, mistakes happen, technology goes on the fritz, and travel plans can turn nightmarish. So to avoid these issues, there are a bunch of things that the experts recommend not to do when Mercury is in retrograde. And because I want to make sure none of you suffer from this planetary problem, I’ve put together a little cheat sheet for you:

What Not To Do While Mercury Is In Retrograde

  1. Don’t Sign Contracts, Talk About Contracts, Shake Hands or Swear (FYI: Email and text can be a form of contract also)
  2. Don’t Buy A New Car
  3. Don’t Start A New Job or Project
  4. Don’t Travel Too Much
  5. Don’t Buy Computers, Cell Phones or Tablets
  6. Don’t Have Plastic or Elective Surgery
  7. Don’t Repair Auto
  8. Don’t Move in Anywhere or Select a Roommate
  9. Don’t Make Any Life Changing Decisions
  10. Have “That Big Talk”
  11. Don’t take any chances on anything or anyone
  12. Don’t agree on anything and read carefully, even in text messages.

Now, it kind of seems like you can’t do anything during these time periods… However, take this with a grain of salt. Advice from the experts? Wait until Mercury goes direct to make any important decisions.

Mercury Retrograde will also affect people differently based on one’s zodiac sign.

Lucky for us, Mercury in retrograde ended December 06, 2018, and we don’t have another one until March 2019.

Now that you know what Mercury in retrograde means and what it’s blamed with causing, I want to hear from you guys…

Do you agree with this? Have you found that Mercury in retrograde actually causes some of these issues? Or do you think it’s just superstition?

Share your thoughts in the comments!


Grinch of Christmas

If this year has left you worn out and limping towards the finish line it’s easy to dread the festive season.

There’s something about Christmas that makes it feel almost impossible to opt out. It’s everywhere. You can’t go a moment without the reminder that ‘it’s the most wonderful time of the year’, which of course isn’t what you want to hear when for you, it really isn’t feeling that wonderful.

Some of us this year will be hurtling towards Christmas with a sense of dread and a wish for it all to just go away. An enforced Christmas can enduce stomach churning fear and an intense desire to hibernate quietly somewhere cold and wait for the madness to pass.

Christmas isn’t always easy and it can be one of the most difficult times of the year for lots of people. There is an expectation to be happy and jolly and when you’re not feeling like celebrating it can be really hard. It’s also not unusual for your sadness to become accentuated when you’re watching and observing everyone else’s (perceived) happiness!

This can make the holiday season feel very isolating and sometimes hard to cope with. Everyone else seems to be getting more and more excited and festive and as their Christmas radar peaks yours hits rock bottom. There is often an expectation to join in with the buzz of it all, to plaster a smile on your face and get stuck in. However, pretending the Christmas spirit has swept you away when just getting through the day is effort enough can be, quite frankly soul destroying and exhausting.

There is someone missing in my family this year: Me, Myself and I , who died on my birthday; December 08. I use to care for it but now it just kills me, this isn’t a cry for help or to seem dark but I’m writing this post because I was asked howcome I am not doing any “Christmas Posts or Vlogmas”. I’m just not feeling so joyful and warm, my birthday sucked this year and I am over everyone I mean EVERYONE. Plus, the more I think about it the more I realized how Christmas is more about gifts and not enough about celebrating the birth of Jesus. While some are trying to figure out how they can move on from their love ones, I’m over here plotting on how to not have these people in my face. Am I wrong?!

There are lots of people feeling the same as you this year. Trust me there are. They are hard to spot because they are probably the ones keeping quiet and hiding or they are putting on a brave face and doing their best to fake it and put on a show. All of us have times in our lives where things are quite frankly a little bit shit and we will all have years where we don’t feel like celebrating. This is your year but it is also someone else’s year too. You aren’t alone and you’re probably in better company than you realise. Don’t be too scared of telling people how you’re feel, you never know, it might help them to admit that they are struggling too.

You might not want to celebrate the holiday season and you might want to totally opt out but is there someway that you could think of to look after yourself instead? Is there something you could do to treat yourself? To give yourself a break? To recognise that just because you don’t feel like celebrating doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself a break. Perhaps you want to curl up with a good book or teach yourself a new skill? Perhaps you want to set yourself a challenge or emerse yourself in nature? Give yourself the gift of a little bit of time just focused for you and be kind to yourself.

Give yourself permission to opt out if you want to. Want to skip Christmas drinks? Bail on your friends? Bunker down and hide away for a little while? That’s all ok, don’t be afraid of putting your needs first. You don’t need to feel that you have to or should do anything that you don’t want to. Traditions can be lovely things and are a nice way of people providing structure to a holiday but that is all they are and sometimes disengaging with them can be really refreshing! Want to banish turkey, christmas music and presents-why not! Want to ditch the Christmas party and catch up on Netflix instead- go for it! You might end up creating some new ways of spending your holiday time that become personal traditions that work out for you.

Christmas is a time of year where there is hope, generosity and goodwill all across the world and even if the idea of jumping feet first into it all isn’t appealing don’t be too quick to write it all off. Experiencing it for what it is, and giving yourself permission to enjoy moments and feel happy is really important. Even when things are tough, beautiful moments and things can still happen and will happen if you are open to them. So don’t fully opt out of Christmas just yet, take it for what it is and be open to enjoying elements and celebrating the good in the world; it is there. This year things might be tough but things change and time heals. The way you feel right now doesn’t define you and chances are you won’t always feel this way. Be kind to yourself, take care and stay in the moment.

If you’re struggling today and need to talk, head over to my instagram and dm me. I will not share any personal information that we discussed about.


Odds & Ends: The Difference Between Kosher Salt, Table Salt, Sea Salt, and More

I’ve always considered having options a good thing, especially in the kitchen. There are so many unique flavors to choose from, which makes cooking even more fun in my book. There are certain ingredients that can both overpower a dish or significantly amplify it. For me, salt is that ingredient. A pinch of salt can be the difference between perfectly savory or feeling like your crunching on a salt lick. The amount of salt you put into a dish isn’t the only things that can pose a potential problem though—with so many salt options on the market, how’s a girl to choose which one to use in a recipe?

Since I recently found myself asking the same question, I decided to do a little research. To my surprise, I discovered a handful of different salts suitable for cooking, brining and pickling. Some are used as flavor enhancers while other are used as garnishes or essential ingredients. If you’ve found yourself wondering which salt is best for your favorite dishes, I’ve done the dirty work for you. Below you’ll find six of the most common salts, what their composition is made of, and how you should be using them in the kitchen. Keep scrolling to get the lowdown on salt 101…

Kosher Salt

Let’s start with kosher salt. This salt is originally known for seasoning meat and has a flaky, coarse structure that differentiates itself from table salt. Kosher salt is less likely to contain additives like iodine and anti-caking agents used in table salt to keep it from clumping. This type of salt is ideal for using in cooking—it dissolves quickly and is good to use before, during and after cooking.

Table Salt

Probably the most well-known of the salts, table salt is highly refined, heavily ground and is almost pure sodium chloride. Most of the impurities and trace minerals in table salt are removed and iodine is almost always added into it. Like I mentioned above, table salt usually has anti-caking agents in it so that it doesn’t get all clumpy in your salt shaker. While you can still add this kind of salt into your favorite dishes, table salt is best used for last minute seasoning.

Sea Salt

Sea salt gets its name because it is made by evaporating seawater. Like table salt, sea salt is mostly composed of sodium chloride with some amount of trace minerals like potassium, iron and zinc. Sea salt is coarser than table salt and the size affects how quickly it will dissolve. To add bursts of flavor to your cooking, sprinkle a little sea salt to add the finishing touch to meals.

Himalayan Pink Salt

This next salt may sound a little bit familiar to my BeautyLeeBar.com readers. Himalayan pink salt contains 84 trace minerals and elements, making it more nutritious for your body that most other salts. It often contains small amounts of calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium just to name a few. Himalayan salt contains slightly lower amounts of sodium that table salt too, making it more appealing to consume. Fun fact: the iron oxide found in Himalayan salt gives it its pink color. Cook with Himalayan pink salt or sip some water infused with it after your next workout.

Fleur De Sel

This salt is one of my favorites and one that I became very familiar with while working on some new receipes. Fleur de sel is more delicate than other salts and looks like little snowflakes. This salt is not meant for seasoning a dish while cooking since it will melt and lose its soft, powdery shape. Because fleur de sel is the most complex in flavor of the different salts, use this one lightly. Sprinkle fleur de sel on food right before it is consumed since it is the saltier of salts.

Pickling Salt

Last but not least we have pickling salt. The name itself gives away what it is used for, but pickling salt is also great for brining, canning and preserving as well. Pickling salt is pure, granulated salt and does not contain anti-caking ingredients or iodine like table salt does.

After reading this, you’re now a guaranteed salt pro. Here’s to improving your cooking skills one grain of salt at a time.

Which one of these salts do you use most often?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

XO Lee