Easy DIY | Awesome Green Tea Eye Brightener!

It’s such a bummer, but your eyes can give away far too much, and by that I mean EVERYTHING! It can tell someone if you’re healthy, well rested, or not feeling at the top of your game! Fortunately, there are some awesome tricks to help mask those issues other than your favorite concealer! I have had issues with eye bags since I was in high school, so I’ve gotten pretty good at dealing with them over the past years! This is SO easy and SOOOO good! It requires two things–Chamomile Tea + Green Tea! Chamomile Tea is awesome because it helps to relax the area around the eyes, reduce puffiness, while the caffeine in Green Tea improve circulation, improving drainage around the eyes, and brighten the area of skin. So this is so easy, I hope you all start doing this!


1 Green Tea bag
1 Chamomile Tea bag
Cotton Pad

Heat one cup of water, then remove once boiling. Add both tea bags, and cover with a saucer, let sit for 30 minutes. Let tea cool, then transfer to the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, soak two cotton pads with cold tea, and slightly squeeze so there is no tea dripping from the pad. Apply to eyes for 5 minutes, then turn over apply for another 5 minutes. Repeat daily or as needed. Discard tea after 3-5 days.

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