Lucie and Pompette Lip Batter – 3 in 1 Balm, Gloss and Treatment

Let’s face it – cute things make for a great gift. Recently I featured the Lucie and Pompette Lip Batter 3 in 1 on my Instagram Story and I figured it was so fun and cute that it needed it’s own post as well.

Back Story: Lucie started with a dream… an idea that makeup is about creating magic within yourself.

When you feel beautiful, you exude confidence. It’s confidence that inspires you to follow your dreams.

Lucie + pompette is a brand that believes in the magic inside every woman and strives to inspire confidence in their ability to live their dreams.

The unique specialty products are made with the finest ingredients, most innovative formulas, and the utmost care.

Lucie + Pompette offers products that are inspired by all of the petite indulgences of Paris, from its finest chocolates to its most delightful pastries.


The Lucie + Pompette Lip Batters are a 3 in 1 balm, gloss, treatment retailing for $16. These little lip balms make a great gift or the perfect stocking stuffer for any beauty lover. It is available in 5 different colors: La-La, Go-Go, Bon-Bon, Mi-Mi, and Can-Can. The Lip Batters are the longest wearing plumping lip gloss with a revolutionary formula that plumps, fills and hydrates your lips instantly. You get a gloss like a product that acts as a treatment and plumps the lips without any type of irritation. The unique smoothing cushion envelops the lips for a more voluptuous appearance.

The lip batters are made of an anti-aging cocktail of Vitamin E, Green Tea, and white tea with a light vanilla scent inspired by fresh macarons. Lucie + Pompette products are Vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free. Applying them is easy. You can apply the gloss liberally and allow 10 seconds for the lip batter’s smoothing cushion to set on the lips. Once applied, voluptuous lips can be enjoyed all day. The lip batter can be layered to create a more pronounced lip line as well.


Each lip batter has a flexible applicator which allows the product to hug each curve of the lips, providing a flawless, precise application. The glosses have a sheer tint of color which is infused with subtle, light-reflecting pigments to add to the illusion of fuller lips. There is a light delicate tingle that stimulates blood flow to the lips for a natural plumping effect. While this is a plumping type of gloss, it doesn’t burn or have an uncomfortable sensation as others on the market and since the tint of the gloss is sheer, you can wear it alone or over your favorite lipsticks or lip products. It feels comfortable on the lips though it does have a sticky like texture. The light tingling sensation can last up to 10 minutes but it never feels weird or burning, uncomfortable or unable to bare.

I have pretty full and plump lips already, but I did notice that my lips became plumper. Also, I like the fact that my lips seemed to look very smooth with a great glossy texture.

Another fun accessory is the Lucie Bag. This cosmetic clutch from Lucie + Pompette is absolutely adorable. While it’s tiny, it is the perfect bag for travel to carry all of your beauty essentials. It’s french inspired and features a glossy white exterior printed with the signature illustrations from Lucie + Pompette and a lined interior. I love the details of this little clutch and the Eiffel Tower Charm is absolutely gorgeous. I absolutely love the art design and the drawing is so feminine and sweet. It would make a great gift for any beauty lover or that sweetie in your life. Totally Chic and those that love Paris… would love this!

Have you heard of or tried anything from Lucie + Pompette before?

**FTC: Products were sent to me. Opinions are 100% my own, of course.


  • Lip Batter is a new way to create full, voluptuous lips like no other product on the market
  • Lip Batter is unique 3-in-1 Hybrid…Plumper, Gloss & Balm
  • The longest wearing non-irritating) plumper
  • A moisture-rich balm, infused with Vitamin E, Green Tea & White Tea
  • A non-invasive solution that fills in fine lines to create smoother, fuller looking lips
  • Plump with nonirritating ingredients that stimulate circulation to boost a more
  • Sheer, buildable color, infused with light reflection creates added dimension
  • Vegan, paraben free, cruelty-free

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