Ask Lee: Happy New Year

I’ve had so much fun answering your questions and I know I missed some months but don’t let that discourage you from submitting them. You never know when another Ask Lee post might pop up! That being said, let’s get to these questions. Here’s what my readers had to say…

Hi Lee, I’ve recently just become a fan of BeautyLeeBar and since you cover all topics I was wondering if you had any feedback for laser hair removal. I’m interested in getting laser hair removal. Do you have any tips on hair removal period? If you’ve done laser where’d you go?

CRAZY I KNOW but I switched from shaving to hair removal cream! No laser hair removal for me yet. The truth is, I was supposed to collab with LaserAway but they are kinda far from me. They are planning to open up a store near me. There is one in Miami, Florida but I live hours and hours away. Maybe I should just go to that one, who knows.

Would you ever do lash or eyebrow tints?

I would LOVE to test this out. It sounds insane!

Have you tried eyelash extensions? Do you like them/have any tips?

No. A lot of people like Ruby Sayed suggested not to get them because, after a while, your real lashes start to fall out. I am planning on doing some research to see how to take care of your lashes during and after that treatment before making any farther decisions. Side Note: go to India Love or your favorite girl celebrity page and compare their lashes. When it is done, the lashes look good (depends on who did it) but you can definitely tell when they need a fill-in. It is like if you aren’t careful, you’ll end up with NO lashes.

I have seen meal plans ads all over Instagram and wanted to know what are your thoughts about it. Also, if ever use a meal plan, can you drop the company you used? Please help me!! Thanks, XOXO

Sadly, I haven’t used any type of meal plans. I would say google meal plans companies around you and check out the food, pricing, and ingredients. Be careful who you get it from though. Or to save money, look up a video on YouTube and create your own meal plan for FREE!

Hi Lee, do you recommend a caffeine sunscreen which I am ordering to try? Have you ever used a coffee face scrub? If so, do you think it would have a similar effect for tightening and brightening the face?

I love coffee scrubs and found some great ones plus I did a DIY coffee scrub. Find them here. I’m always experimenting and trying different beauty products. More DIY’s are on the way!

Love your blog! Would you ever do a Podcast?

I had one on Anchor! Maybe I will start doing podcast again.

Who would listen?

Do you have a smoke-eye tutorial? Or eyeshadow tutorial? It’s a 911 issue. Thanks!

I don’t! I don’t wear eyeshadow everyday. So sorry. I should do more makeup tutorials, more tutorials in general.

Just wondering if you have any skincare tips or secrets you would be willing to share. Btw LOVE your instagram so much, your feed is amazing! You are such an inspiration, a true GIRL BOSS

Thank you, I’m trying.

Of course- for what kind of skin?


Yes I can. Great idea.

Don’t let social media kill your buzz- let it fuel you.

Focus on your own lane– don’t pay attention to what everyone else is doing. And if there isn’t a lane, then create one. Love you too.

I have written a few posts on how to boost your mood and about social media. Click here!

Could you start doin more routine posts? Morning routine/Evening routine/Weekly workout routine

Sure, I’m working on more videos now! I’ll add this to my list. Like this idea.


I read every comment and every question!

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