6 Reasons Why Sparkling Wine Is Healthier Than You Think

We can’t deny it – during the holiday season, we love a festive cocktail, a good glass of wine, or a glass of bubbly.  We are all for making healthier choices, we do believe there is room for a little indulgence even if you live the healthiest lifestyle. It’s all about having that balance and following the rules of moderation!

There are certain alcoholic drinks that are deemed “healthier” than the rest (i.e. the lowest in calories), but we have to admit, we have a soft spot for a glass of sparkling wine. So kick up your feet and enjoy a glass of sparkling wine after work and with friends; it may be surprising to learn that sparkling wine has more health benefits than you think!

Fewer Calories

A glass of sparkling wine can contain as little as 80 calories, while a glass of wine, beer, or hard alcohol can contain over 100!

Here’s a little cheat I learned, mix sparkling wine and sparkling water over ice. With this low-calorie drink, you won’t feel deprived when you’re craving a glass of bubbly!

More Filling

Like other effervescent drinks, when you drink sparkling wine, you’ll be able to feel fuller quickly without having the temptation to indulge. I am especially a fan of Prosecco, like Riondo Prosecco, since it’s super affordable and light-bodied with notes of apple and pear. For an antioxidant kick, mix in some fresh pressed juice. Find more Riondo Prosecco Cocktails here.

High in Antioxidants

Just like red and white wine, sparkling wine is loaded with antioxidants that can help fight free radicals, improve heart health (more on that below), protect nerve cells from damage, and reduce the risk of cancer. The antioxidants can also help prevent you from getting sick as well!

Detoxifies and Evens Out Skin

If you have any leftover sparkling wine, you can incorporate it into your beauty routine.

For those who have oily skin, soak a cotton pad with sparkling wine and use as a toner all over your face. The antioxidants will detoxify your skin while the tartaric acid will even out any discolorations on your skin.

Heart Healthy

Thanks to the antioxidants in sparkling wine (i.e., polyphenols), you’ll reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, hypertension, and heart attacks.

Improves Memory

After a night of heavy drinking, we usually blame alcohol for memory loss, but research shows that drinking one or two glasses of sparkling wine a week can help with memory loss, even dementia.

What Is Your Favorite Sparkling Wine🍷 ?

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