10 Ways to Relieve Stress

I haven’t touched too much on stress and anxiety on my blog, but I deal with it every single day. I have spine issues so stress really takes a toll on my body and back. It’s so easy to let stress get the best of me, so as soon as I feel stressed, I take a minute to become self-aware and begin de-stressing. Here are my 10 ways to relieve stress and I hope this helps you too!

  1. Breathe
    • When we get stressed or anxious, listen to your breathing – is it fast and shallow? As soon as you feel tense, try breathing slow and deep. The increased intake of oxygen will help calm your nervous system.
  2. Pamper
    • As a beauty blogger, this is probably my favorite thing to do.  Create a mini spa oasis at home – light some candles and pamper yourself with your favorite mask or give yourself a manicure. You deserve it!
  3. Drink tea
    • I love tea, like really love tea and recently I learned that there’s an art to drinking tea. Instead of just pouring yourself a cup, pay attention to the boiling of the water, the steeping of the tea, and then take a moment to savor each sip. Focusing on the experience can be calming, just make sure to drink decaffeinated tea like this one.
  4. Music
    • You know how you listen to music before heading into the shower? The same thing applies to your night in. Music can be a powerful tool to quickly change your mood and I love using apps like Spotify and Tidal that have ready-made playlists to match your mood.
  5. Journal
    • Sometimes when I have so much on my mind, I write down what I’m feeling and why I’m feeling that way. Once I have everything down on paper, it’s like having a weight lifted off my shoulders and then I can start tackling whatever is stressing me out.
  6. Read
    • If there’s one thing that’ll put me to sleep, it’s reading. Get lost in a story and it’ll take your mind off of your stressful day and chances are, it’ll put you to sleep like me.
  7. Exercise
    • Now I’m not the most active person but walking helps to put my mind at ease. This is something I recently picked up and I’ve been really feeling the endorphins! I love that feeling of knowing that I took time out of my day to get myself healthier.
  8. Meditation
    • I have been able to master this technique, and I know many people who love meditation. In fact, my therapist is a strong believer in meditation and recommends it for everyone, not just for people who suffer from anxiety, depression, stress and etc.    You can use meditation apps or find a guided meditation on YouTube.
  9. Stay offline
    • If work and emails are sources of your stress, turn off your phone and computer to reduce the temptation of checking and responding to emails.  As much as work is important to me,  I try to remember that my health is much more important. Social media can be strainful so try to separate yourself. I know that is hard especially for those who earn money through Instagram like myself but it is not impossible.
  10. Cry/Smile
    • Relieves Stress. A good cry can provide a feeling of relief, even if our circumstances still remain the same. Crying is known to release stress hormones or toxins from the body, and as a result, reduces tension. It provides an emotional release of pent up negative feelings, stresses, and frustrations.
      • When all else fails, smile. Smiling releases a hormone called serotonin (the happy hormone) and can boost your immune system. By having a positive attitude, you’ll have a sunnier outlook on life. Try it!

Don’t get me wrong I love makeup and using makeup to feel good, but working on my inner beauty is a priority for me too! Stress can be detrimental to your overall health, so remember to take at least five minutes out of your day to relax. Happy de-stressing!


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