8 Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is yet another holiday where people adhere to the social constructs of society and buy their significant others generic gifts they find last minute at Walmart. This Valentine’s Day, forget the typical flowers and chocolates and try giving one of these personalized gifts to show your significant other you truly care.

Customized Puzzle

If your one and only enjoys putting together a good puzzle, think about how puzzling together pieces of both your faces would make them feel. Not your average V-day gift, but a quirky one that you both can work on together — creating a memory one piece at a time.

Redeemable Love Coupons

If you’re not looking to spend any money this Valentine’s Day, try making redeemable love coupons for your significant other. The coupons can say anything from “one free kiss” to “making breakfast in bed.” You can tailor the coupons to things you know your significant other will enjoy, all it takes is a little creativity.

DIY Heart-shaped Hand Warmers

This gift is one that keeps on giving. If you’re more of a crafty person, try making your own heart-shaped hand warmers. Your beloved would appreciate the small token of your adoration, especially during these cold months. Something so easy to make, and yet so pleasing to give. Here is a step-by-step guide to making these heart-shaped hand warmers.

Five Senses

If you’re looking to give a more creative V-day gift, test your sweethearts five senses with five gift bags, each containing an item related to one of the senses. Try to make the items as creative as possible, but something your significant other would understand. Items such as their favorite midnight snack for taste or a lotion of their favorite scent for smell would be perfect.

52 Reasons

By using playing cards, you can write 52 reasons why you love your honey. It’s a creative take on expressing your love for someone, and being able to tell your significant other 52 distinct reasons why you love them will surely win you some brownie points. 

Memorable Places Picture Frame

This simple and inexpensive idea will mean a lot to your special someone because it’s completely personal. Some ideas of locations to frame could be where you went on your first date or where you had your first kiss. It’s a gift that will take you both back to one of the best moments of your relationship.

Scavenger Hunt

The gift isn’t the destination, but the journey you both can go on together. This adventurous idea can provide you with a day full of both your favorite spots, like grabbing your significant other’s go-to drink at that coffee shop you both love. The more places you go, the sweeter the walk down memory lane will be.

Balloon Chandelier of Memories

Balloons are always a nice surprise, but an even better one when photos of your relationship are clipped to the ends. By attaching some of your favorite memories of you and your love to balloons, it makes for a festive Valentine’s Day that your significant other could only appreciate.

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