Sheep’s Wool for Softer Lips?!

As you know, I’ve always been a firm believer in the power of nature and all its beautifying goodness, so I couldn’t wait to try these all natural 101 Ointment Fruities by Lanolips. The brand has won more than 50 global awards for their products made from lanolin, a natural by-product that’s found on sheep’s wool.

So, let me explain: Lanolin is a wax secreted by sheep’s skin that keep their coats protected and dry – and because sheep’s fleece grows continuously and needs to be sheared every year, it’s completely cruelty-free. After, the wool fleeces are boiled and purified leaving behind the waxy lanolin, which as Lanolips puts it, is ‘Nature’s Wonder Moisturiser’.

What it is: A thick and glossy long-lasting 101 balm made only with Ultra Medical Grade Lanolin, Fruit Extract, and Vitamin E, that can be used for lips, dry skin patches, and more. It comes in three flavors: Green Apple, full of antioxidants and vitamins, Strawberry, that has alpha-hydroxy acids to regenerate new skin cells, and Peach, to revive skin with vitamins.

What it does: It gives incredible hydration! Lanolin’s molecular structure mimics our skin’s, so it’s super compatible and can hold 200% of its weight in moisture.

What I liked: It’s glossy and thick, and ever so slightly sticky, but much more comfortable than sticky – a bit like a thicker Vaseline. It didn’t budge either, even after I ate I didn’t have to reapply it, it lasted all day!  And I really like the fact it’s vegetarian and vegan, and even gentle enough for babies – so you know it won’t irritate sensitive skin. The packaging is super cute too, with a bit of a vintage vibe that’s so pretty and delicate. I love the fact it’s a 101 balm, and Lanolips suggest it can be used on a ton of things, from dry cuticles and paper cuts, to keeping eyebrows in place and insect bites.

What I didn’t like: The strawberry fragrance was light, but I found when I applied the peach, the scent got really intense over time and became quite overpowering. Although it’s a 101 balm, I would be cautious to use this everywhere because it actually felt a lot stickier on my skin than it did on my lips, and as it’s super glossy it looks a bit shiny too.

I never knew lanolin was such an incredible ingredient, but after using these 101 ointments I’ve fallen in love. I’d definitely recommend these pocket-sized balms, they’re unbelievably hydrating, and also perfect if you’re traveling, exposed to the sun or the cold, or if you just need some extra hydration.

Price: $13.50


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