10 Signs You’ve Found Your Ultimate Galentine

Valentines are great and all, but nothing will beat the love between a gal and her Galentine. Boys come and go, but your BFFL? Well, the name says it all – they’re with you for life! The chicken to your nugget, the avo to your toast, the liner to your lids, the tequila to your lime, the Michelle to your Barack – one just doesn’t make sense without the other. Although, a ride-or-die isn’t easy to find: here are the signs you’ve found “the one”…

1. Even if you’re in a relationship, whenever you hang out with your partner and BFFL, your partner feels like their third-wheeling. You can’t deny that friend chemistry! #SorryNotSorry 

2. No topic is off the table: boy drama, gross body issues, dark family secrets, secret spending habits… they know it all. There’s literally no such thing as TMI.

3. You’ll never appreciate your best friend and their photography skills until you know the struggle of this situation…

Your outfit is straight fire; your gloss is popping, your skin is gleaming, your smile is beaming, so you obviously need an Insta to document your Goddess-ery. Your BFFL isn’t there to snap it, but you think to yourself: ‘how hard can it be?’ So you ask a friend. But your friend doesn’t know your angles like your BFFL, the lighting is wrong, and somehow you end up looking like ‘end of the day you’ – it’s that moment you realize just how awesome your BFFL really is.

4. You speak to each other ALL day on approximately five different apps – Whatsapp for the juicy goss and voice notes, then there are the texts for when your wifi goes down, the memes on Instagram, and of course, the ugly selfies on Snapchat.

5. When a third-party gal pal is in your presence, she can barely understand you guys between the private jokes and abbreviations. Your mannerisms have synced, and before you know it, your BFFL has trademarked your signature hair flick, but you’re not mad; she owns it.

6. You don’t do that awkward AF splitting the bill at the end of the meal: you split it right down the middle. Or if your hun’s running a little low on dollar, you’ve got them – she’d do the same for you. What are best friends for other than buying you burgers when you’re broke?

7. True friendship = sending your gal your new Insta pic for approval to check it’s a) not tragic b) flaming hot c) will make your ex cry.

8. When your outfit isn’t working, they won’t BS you; they’ll tell you straight to your face. They know your potential, and they would never dream of letting you step foot outside your house unless you look like the bombshell you truly are. 

9. You’ll go into their house and raid their wardrobe without a second thought, at this point, you may as well have a key. 

10. And if someone crosses your BFFL, the claws come out… #oops

Share this with your Galentine to let them know how much you love them. Life just wouldn’t be as sweet (and sometimes savage) without them by your side.

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