I Got It From My Mama

We inherit their eyes, their smile, their cheek bones and knowledge. We even mimic their gestures and laughs. Moms are extremely influential in our lives. I am fortunate to have my amazing mother who I have learned so much from- whether it’s a life lesson or love lesson, my mother have been an amazing example and supporter in my life. We might not share the same genes but we are basically the same person. She has offered a bevy of sound beauty advice and life advice. I might have never started using sunscreen as soon as I did if it wasn’t for her. I got my looks from my mama!

On Valentine’s Day, I had the pleasure of asking her some fun beauty questions. Oh yeah, I got these questions and idea from Pucker and Pout. Enjoy!!

What was the first beauty tip you received from your mom?

Mom: I really don’t remember.

Me: My mother told me to always wear sunscreen, she always made me as a child wear sunscreen. She also told me not to ever smoke a cigarette.

What product have you used since you were a young woman that you swear by?

Mom: It has to be Vaseline. It is a good moisturizer.

Me: I have been wearing Nars foundation since 8th grade and even though I wear Fenty Beauty now, Nars is still and forever my go-to makeup brand.

As you matured, how did you beauty regimen change? Products?

Mom: As far as a makeup routine, nothing has changed for me. I never have and still to this day don’t wear foundation. I only wear a little blush, lipstick and sometimes eyeshadow. I now try different skincare and beauty products because my daughter either get them for free or buy them for me. I just don’t like too much stuff on my face, I keep everything simple which works for me.

Me: I moisturized gently and daily. When I do wear makeup, I make sure before going to bed to take off my makeup and wash face. Products only change in a form that they are more expensive and now I use items that are for my skin type. I am more aware.

What is something you wish you started doing years ago and/or what do you regret doing?

Mom: Drinking more water, I am training myself to drink more water every day. I regret smoking, it is a bad habbit I picked up when I was in college.

Me: I regret sleeping in my makeup whenever I felt lazy and wished I started eating healthier and sticking with it sooner. So yeah, I wish I was more discipline and had more self-control.

What makes you feel most beautiful?

Mom: I feel most beautiful when I am happy!

Me: When my skin is clear and glowing!

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