This DIY Oil Will Give You The Richest Tan

While we realize the saying “life is better with a tan”, may be a little OTT, it does make you feel like an absolute goddess. While some beauties can literally spend 20 minutes in the sun and be transformed into a bronzed bombshell, there are some of us who need a little assistance from a trusty tanning oil. We know summer is almost over but for the ones who got that sunshine in their pocket, we decided it was time to check out the best tanning formulas on the market and DIY. And we’re SO impressed with the results!

Our DIY tanning oil gives you the deepest tan without having to spend days in the sun and leaving your piggy-bank empty. Plus it got loads of amazing ingredients that nourish and hydrate your skin at the same time. We’re kinda annoyed we didn’t think of it sooner!

Why you need to DIY your own tanning oil

Yes…. black people and people of color do tan too. So, with that being said, recently me and my beauties were thinking about how we could save money on tanning oils. With research and experimenting, we realized how easy it would be to recreate our fave branded tanning oil at-home, as they’re mostly just a combination of oils. Plus, buying the original oils is often a lot cheaper in the long run, as we tend to go through our branded tanning oil in under a month. Nothing can beat that Floridian sun, haha.

Our DIY tanning oil is also seriously beneficial for your skin; it’s bursting with antioxidants and of course, it’s uber-moisturizing, so while you’re attracting the rays, you’re also rejuvenating your skin. Plus, the healthier and more hydrated the skin, the deeper the tan will be and the longer it will last. Here’s what you need:


3 tablespoons of vitamin E Oil or carrot seed oil
½ cup of Jojoba oil
½ cup of Grapeseed oil
½ cup of Coconut oil
Optional: A bronzed shimmer eyeshadow or highlighter

Mix the oil together in a bowl (try to use cold pressed organic oils), then using a funnel dispense the mixture into a spray bottle. If you want to amp up your glow, you can also break a bronze highlighter into the mixture. Shake well before use and apply onto your skin, once you’ve applied sunscreen.

But NEVER forget SPF…

We cannot stress enough how important SPF is whenever you’re in the sun. If your skin is left unprotected, you can damage your skin and increase the risk of premature aging, dark spots and hyperpigmentation, and increase your risk of getting skin cancer. So before you apply your DIY oil, you need to apply a lot of SPF, and then apply even more. We recommend at least a factor 30 to be reapplied every 2 hours as a minimum, as we tend to apply it much more sparingly than is done during lab testing so an SPF 30 will offer you only SPF 15 in most cases.” If you have fair skin, make sure you apply factor 50 – and yes, you can still tan through SPF (we know because we use factor 50 every weekend)!

Now, go and enjoy every second of that beautiful sun!

Let us know if you guys try this DIY tanning oil in the comments below.

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