Why You’ll Never Have To Buy Another Makeup Wipe Again

Removing our makeup isn’t the most fun part of our self-care routine, but it is absolutely essential! If you’re a lazy girl, you likely rely on makeup wipes or micellar water on cotton pads, and if you’re into skincare you probably start with a cleansing balm or oil before going in with your water-based cleanser. Well if we told you there was a much easier, more effective and cheaper way to get rid of your makeup you’d probably be interested, right?

Say hey to Face Halo, a double-sided cleansing cloth that looks like a giant cotton pad, but just add water, and the cloth will remove ALL your makeup, just like magic. Well, it’s not magic, it’s some pretty clever technology!

The Face Halo works like a dream, it can be reused hundreds of times, and costs $22 for three, which means it’s about to save you A LOT of money. We’re going to quickly break it down for you: A pack of 25 Neutrogena Makeup Wipes costs $6.50, so if you use one every day of the year, that’s around $95 on makeup wipes (plus a lot of waste), and you’re not even removing your makeup properly. If you’re using a cleansing oil, you’re probably spending around $20 (minimum) and you’ll likely use at least three in a year – you do the math!

Not only is it great for your bank account, but it’s also a savior for the environment too! Face Halo calculated that on average, women use two makeup wipes a day, aka 113 billion makeup wipes a year! That means to date, Face Halo has replaced up to 375 million single use wipes from going into landfill – pretty great!

Here’s the breakdown on the Face Halo, how it works, and why it’s now a staple part of our cleansing routine.

How Face Halo works: Face Halo uses special fibers that are 100 times finer than a human hair, which are able to reach deep into pores to remove and trap makeup. All you need to do is add water and gently wipe the Face Halo across your face and it will remove everything, from foundation and liquid lipstick to mascara and eyeliner.

Once you’ve used Face Halo, you should wash it with soap (a bar of soap is super quick and easy), and every week you can chuck it in the machine for a deep clean. It can be machine washed up to 200 times, which means you can use one cloth for a year without needing to repurchase another. Just a reminder you get three in a pack, so you’ll essentially spend $22 on a makeup remover that could last you two to three years – not bad!

What we thought: Until you use the Face Halo, you kind of don’t believe it can work, because how can water and material get rid of makeup? But trust us, those little fibers know what they’re doing! The Face Halo removed our cake face super effectively in the same way our cleansing oil does. It even removes all traces of mascara and eyeliner quickly and more efficiently than most cleansers we’ve used.

However, we did notice (especially as we wear a lot of makeup) that there was still a little makeup residue left over, so we do recommend a second cleanse with a water-based cleanser after you’ve used Face Halo. But considering we always double cleanse â€“ no makeup wipe or cleanser is enough to remove all makeup and grime in one go – that definitely didn’t deter us.

After we used Face Halo and did our extra cleanse, we washed it with a bar of soap, which took us around 20 seconds to get it back to its bright white shade. FYI, it also comes in black, but nothing is more satisfying than seeing what comes off on the white version! It also works really well as a gentle alternative to a muslin cloth for removing mud and clay masks.

The Face Halo is super handy for when you’re gyming or traveling (especially if you have a carry on) as it’s lightweight and easy to use anywhere.

We also tried the new Face Halo Body, $22, which we loved for exfoliating our body. On one side it has an exfoliating fabric and on the other side, the classic Face Halo fabric to polish and refine the skin on your body. Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a new exfoliator.

What we didn’t like: TBH, there’s nothing to dislike, it’s a good price for what you get and it’s super-efficient at removing ALL makeup. The Face Halo doesn’t have any skincare benefits (other than efficiently removing makeup), which is why we definitely recommend following with a cleanser that suits your skin type, which will be able to target your specific skin concerns.

The verdict: We’ve used our Face Halo every day since we got it. Sometimes it replaces our oil cleanse and other times we use our oil cleanser and then a water-based cleanser and use the Face Halo around our hairline and neck and to get the last traces of mascara from around our eyes. Overall, it’s fair to say we’ll be keeping these in our routine for a long time to come!



If you’ve just ended a long relationship or you’ve been looking for Mr. Perfect for far too long, there’s no better place to be right now.

Reminder: you have to stop wondering what to do with your life or how to spend your free time. Being alone doesn’t mean being lonely, and it gives you endless possibilities for discovering new dimensions of life and improving yourself.

There’s a time to be dating, and there’s a time to be alone. That doesn’t have to mean loneliness. Being single is all about being free and being happy. Let’s find out why.

Editor’s note: Although this article uses male pronouns, the advice applies to all sexual orientations and gender identities.

1. More me time

All this time that you used to dedicate to the thoughts of one particular man is now freed up and all yours. You can start new hobbies, focus on reading more, focus on your career goals, meet up with people that you haven’t seen recently, or just lie in bed and watch your favorite TV shows and relax all day, every day. Sounds like a great deal.

2. All decisions are in your hands

All couples can admit that, as a whole, they make most of their big decisions together. It’s not always nice having to agree on something just because your partner said so. You know the feeling … neglecting your needs and desires to satisfy your loved one is definitely not the best part of being in a relationship. So enjoy your freedom and make decisions on your own—no one is going to mumble about it.

3. No compromises

Relationships are built on compromises, and sometimes, there comes a time where you want to be free and not have to compromise with anyone. When you’re single, there’s no compromising about your love life, the way you spend your time, your hobbies, the people you see, where your finances go, and so on. You’re free to experience what you want.

4. Now’s the time … fill your passport

We all know traveling alone is an incredible experience, not to mention that, if you have a s/o, they’re not always going to want to come to all the places you want to go to. Problem solved. The best part of being single is that you can buy a ticket and go to any place in the world—and the only permission you need is your own.

For those of you recovering from a breakup, remember, you came to this world alone. At one point in your life, you never knew this person. So you can live without them and you will. And guess what? You will do just fine. Find your power, reach for life, and have fun again.
Dwelling on the past does not make space for the future. Sitting back and telling yourself “They really weren’t that bad” is the mind playing nasty tricks on you. If that happens, quickly call a friend and ask them to remind you of all the times you complained about your ex. That will help you squash that lie quickly.

I encourage you to find the courage to move on. A breakup creates space for something new. Let the newness of you in. Let whoever came to your life for a “reason” and “season” go. They have done their job. Now do your job and move on with the next exciting chapter of your life. Let the sunshine in.


For most beauty gurus out there, makeup questions start at an early age and only progress as one gets older; the fascination seems to never fade. And if you’re obsessees like us, beauty Qs come to our mind nearly every day when we apply our full-face beat. Ahead, we rounded up some of the most-pressing beauty questions and provided answers, all in one convenient place. Bookmark this page, and continue on reading!

Q: How Do I Apply Foundation Over Acne?

A: Before you apply your foundation, consider some color-correcting tricks to help neutralize your blemishes. If you have a fresh pimple that is very red, you want to neutralize it with a green color corrector. Use a small, stiff brush and tap the product directly onto the blemish.

Q: How Do I Wear Pimple Patches Under Makeup?

A: Apply your patch after skin care and be extra gentle when applying makeup on the patch area.

Q: How Do I Wear a Statement Eye and Bold Lip at the Same Time?

A: Ask yourself two things: 1) Can your face handle the look? and 2) will you be confident in something that dramatic? If the answer is yes to both, go for it!

Q: Why Does Makeup Pill?

A: One possibility is that the primer or moisturizer you use is affecting the adhesion of the makeup product to the skin and not letting it dry down and set.

Q: How Do I Glue Down My Brows?

A: Mastering the art of gluing down your eyebrows all starts with choosing the right product. There are two main products for gluing down your brows and the right one for you depends on how much you usually sweat. If you aren’t a sweater, using an Elmer’s Glue Stick will work perfectly, but if you tend to sweat more, you will need to use Pros-Aide Cream.

Q: How Can I Wear Lip Liner Without Lipstick?

A: If you’re looking to wear just lip liner as your lip color, you want to make sure your lips are prepped and ready for a pencil (as opposed to a creamier formula). The lips need to be well hydrated.

Q: How Do I Keep My Mascara From Smudging Under My Eyes?

A: Waterproof formulas dry to a matte finish and only move when in contact with an oil, so they are pretty much guaranteed to stay on the lashes and not smudge.

Q: What Is a Foundation Thinner?

A: Foundation thinners are typically colorless fluid mediums that you can mix with foundations, concealers, loose pigments and powders to create thinner versions of different products.

Q: How Do I Wear Colored Eyeliner on My Waterline?

A: You want a pencil that is extremely long-wearing, creamy and pigmented, which will do an excellent job of really filling in the delicate waterline.

Q: How Do I Apply Lipstick on Dry Lips?

A: If your lips are chapped, a lipstick with a creamy finish is ideal because it has the most oil in its formula. Avoid most older matte lipsticks as they tend to have a dryer formula.

Q: I Bought The Wrong Foundation Shade — What Should I Do?

A:It’s best to buy a lighter shade if you’re unsure of your correct color. If you did buy a foundation that is a little dark, try mixing it with a lighter color concealer. Also, its about to be 2020 which means there are tools out there that can literally help you find your correct shade.

Q: Should I Keep My Beauty Products in the Fridge?

A: The idea of putting your skin-care products in the fridge is popular right now, but we don’t really know whether colder temperatures are beneficial. Most products are formulated to be stable at room temperature. They may be able to withstand extremes in temperature — both hot or cold, but unless the formula has been tested, we don’t know the effect of temperature on the stability of the formulation.

Want to learn more answers to your beauty questions? Read them here!

DIY: Cellulite Scrub

While cellulite is largely genetic, most forms are caused by a combination of poor circulation, fat pockets (that’s why you’ll see cellulite on your butt, thighs, and sometimes even arms), and female hormones. But here’s the thing: just because your limbs are long and lean doesn’t mean that this is a post to skip. In fact, it can happen to you (read all about that here from our friends at Beauty Banter).

As we’ve shared, avoiding certain foods can help. Sarah from Beauty Banter also shares, “Exercise is a must. Hydration is essential. But treating the affected area consistently and vigorously is really your best bet. Commit to six weeks of two to three treatments a week. Combine your treatments with exercise, better diet (low in sugars and processed foods), and tons of water.

While there is no topical cure for cellulite, scrubs and creams with effective ingredients will help to diminish its appearance. Caffeine is considered the Holy Grail ingredient for anti-cellulite. So, naturally, this scrub is essentially coffee grinds. It’s easy to make, simple to apply, and affordable—especially compared with those costly medical-grade creams and treatments.

This scrub has the ability to subtly reduce the appearance of cellulite. And, bonus, it leaves skin soft and hydrated. But beware, while skin will look gorgeous, your tub or shower won’t—it will most likely resemble the inside of a coffee maker. Fret not, a quick rinse and wipe-down will clean the basin. Just be careful not to slip.” Read on for the step-by-step instructions and benefits of this DIY scrub.

What You’ll Need:
Coffee grinds (caffeinated)
Juniper oil
Coconut oil

Benefits of the Ingredients:
– Fresh coffee grinds (caffeinated)—Caffeine can immediately diminish the appearance of cellulite by stimulating blood flow, toning and tightening the area. The grinds are also rich in antioxidants (which aid in releasing toxins).
– Juniper oil—A berry that increases circulation and energizes the underactive tissues.
– Coconut oil—Hydrates, smoothes, and helps your skin absorb the caffeine and juniper.

Combine 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and 20-30 drops of essential juniper oil in a bowl. Mix in about 1/2 cup of fresh caffeinated coffee grinds until the grinds are completely soaked with the oils. You’ll want this scrub to be grind-heavy, so if it’s feeling too watery, add more grinds. There are no exact measurements, so feel free to play around, but these are good jumping-off points.

Take into the bathroom (I highly suggest doing this in the bath or tub, prior to turning on the water) and firmly rub into affected areas using circular scrubbing motions.

Continue for at least five minutes. Then rinse and pat dry. Feel free to apply pure coconut oil to moisturize and soothe the skin (and massage that in too).

Note: Apply to affected areas two to three times a week. For quicker results, wrap the scrubbed area (concoction still on) with Saran Wrap to essentially heat the skin. Relax for 15 minutes then remove the wrap and shower.

I suggest making a new batch daily as the caffeine is said to be most effective when coffee grinds are fresh.