Hair accessories are timeless and a fashion statement that we can always get down with. You’ll always need something to pull your hair back during a workout class, or twirl into a bun when you haven’t had the time to wash or blow dry your hair. It’s time for you to ditch that lame elastic hair tie and give that messy bun or half pony some flair!

If you love unique and beautiful hair accessories as much as we do, then you’ll surely appreciate this wearable piece of art. Handmade in NYC, these hair ties by Soieli (pronounced Swa-lee) are individually hand-painted and made from 100% silk. The silk not only serves an aesthetic purpose, but it also helps protect your hair against breaking and damage. Unlike the eye-sore of elastic that hangs out on your wrist sometimes, these beauties are disguised as arm accessories that are sure to catch some compliments whether in or out of your hair.

Soieli is a New York-based hair accessory brand born out of the desire to make hair accessories as beautiful as jewelery. Designer, Founder and CEO Sonali Karmarkar; effortlessly marries fine art with fashion, transforming hair accessories into silk canvases for her art. Soieli weaves stylistic inspiration from the impressionist era with urban street art, creating a unique, wearable art piece perfect for the modern woman.

Soieli (pronounced swa-lee) comes from a swirl of the French words soie, meaning silk, and soleil, meaning sun. We strive to bring light into customers’ lives through beautiful hand-painted silk.

Soieli specializes in hand-painted silk hair slips that are not your average scrunchie. The brand’s name, Soieli, comes from “a swirl of two French words soie, meaning silk, and soleil, meaning sun,” reflecting Soieli’s mission to use hand-painted silk to bring light into people’s lives. Soieli aims to help busy women easily elevate their look through beautiful hair accessories for everyday elegance. Each piece is crafted and hand-painted in Sonali Karmarkar NYC studio as a wearable art piece, guaranteeing you a unique hair accessory that is literally made for you. Designed to promote hair health and prevent breakage, Soieli’s pieces are made from 100% silk and perfectly complement other products to care for curly hair.

We love the signature Gold Water design, a blend of impressionist art and street art for a feminine meets urban look, which adds a beautiful gold iridescence to one’s locks. Pieces come in two sizes based on one’s hair thickness (yay hair inclusivity!) and are priced at $28 per piece.


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