Hype or Not: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Review

While there are hundreds (if not thousands) of face masks options available, you’d be hard pressed to find one that boasts more five-star reviews and celeb love than the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask. Amazon customers are practically writing novels about how it has transformed their skin, sharing astonishing Aztec Clay Mask before-and-after photos.

Since going viral a few years ago, the mask has racked up over 13,000 positive reviews from Amazon shoppers who have referred to is as the “holy grail of face masks” for acne—and it makes sense because it’s made with 100 percent bentonite clay, which helps to draw out the skin’s impurities. Unlike most face masks—which come ready to apply—you’ll have to whip up your own concoction using equal parts Aztec Indian Healing clay and apple cider vinegar or water. Yes, it’s a little extra work, but reviewers and stars alike agree it’s totally worth the time because it leaves their pores feeling so refreshed.

WHAT IS IT: AZTEC SECRET INDIAN HEALING CLAY is natural Calcium Bentonite Clay from Death Valley, California, where it is sun- dried for up to six months in temperatures that sometimes reach 134 degrees. The unique structure of the molecules in Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay carry a negative electron charge. This comes from the valance electron count from the specific minerals found in Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. This Indian Healing Clay lifts the pimple and blackheads into the clay bed to cause accelerated healing and nourishment to the skin with over 50 minerals.

  1. 100% NATURAL
  2. Deep pore cleaning with 100% natural calcium Bentonite Clay
  3. Does not contain: additives, fragrances or animal products
  4. Use for acne and blemishes. Use it once per week

HOW TO USE: After mixing with vinegar, apply the smooth, paste-like substance to the skin using your fingertips or, as reviewers recommend, with a silicone brush applicator, and allow it to dry for up to 20 minutes. (Note: Dry time can vary depending on your skin’s sensitivity.) As it dries, you’ll feel a pulling and tightening sensation, which is just the deep pore cleansing in action. The mask is so powerful that many customers recommend only using it once a week and moisturizing right after, as it’ll leave your skin feeling a tad on the dry side.

WARNING: Please note that when you rinse off the mask your face may be red and this is normal with this clay mask. This redness will be gone within 20 to 30 minutes.

PRIMP TIP: It’s easy to customize this clay mask depending on your skin’s mood. If you want a shot of moisture, add a teaspoon of raw honey to your mixture. For a more soothing formula, add some Aloe Vera gel, and if blemishes are an issue, a few drops of Tea Tree Oil will do the trick. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is as powerful as it is versatile.

“This product is AMAZING. It’s an official Holy Grail product of mine,” another reviewer wrote. “I ideally use it once-a-week, and it feels as if angels themselves have taken the time, to delicately renew my skin with the magical touch of their wings.”

Dramatic, yes, but the mask is so popular, it even has a long list of celeb fans, including Kourtney Kardashian—the latest A-list to chime in on her love for it. In a recent post on her website, Poosh, she shared that the Aztec clay mask is one of three products she rotates in her “self-care Sunday masking routine.” As it turns out, her sister Khloé Kardashian is also a huge fan, along with Mindy Kaling and Lili Reinhart.

In 2015, Kaling shared a photo on Instagram wearing the Aztec mask that she mixed with Bragg’s organic raw apple cider vinegar (also available on Amazon).

PRIMP TIP: I learned from some people that you should spray a hydrating facial mist on your face while the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is on your face. That way it will be kept moist and easier to remove and the clay will not take moisture off from your skin. It’s the same logic with sheet masks.

MY EXPERIENCE: This pulsating sensation is pretty intense as the clay mask is working hard to rid your skin of all the dirt and grime. You will feel some tugging! After the recommended 20 minutes, the clay concoction hardens and makes your face feel a little tight. That’s your cue to wash it all off. I was left with slightly reddish skin, but this dissipated after five to ten minutes. I looked in the mirror, and an unbelievably squeaky clean face greeted me. “Is this really MY skin?” I marveled.

That’s not all. After prolonged use, you will find that your skin is no longer as prone to breakouts. And there’s still so much clay left in the tub!

This clay mask is truly no joke. It leaves a wonderful sensation on your skin but more than that, it is healing. It heals by getting rid of all the grit and sebum that causes breakouts. With a great price to boot, great reviews by thousands of users and some pampering time on offer, you can’t go  wrong with this one.

*This product may or may not help you. If the pimple persists, you may need to know the type of pimple you have or better, consult a doctor.

Did you try the Aztec Secrets Indian Healing Clay Mask – the world’s most powerful facial!? Lemme know about your experience….

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  1. What is the safest way for the clay mask to be removed? My son has bad acne, and we use it just 2 days a week, but there are mixed reports on how to remove it?

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