Calling all you ladies with textured hair. Let down your curls, kinks and coily patterns and embrace the beauty that is the natural hair community. If you’ve been on the hunt for inspiration on ways to style, take care of and even feel empowered by your hair, what better place to look than the unofficial bible of all things beauty — Instagram. We know you’ve probably already hit follow on some of the most popular nail artists, beautiful French beauty bloggers and dopest makeup artists, but if you’re looking for the ultimate natural hair inspo, we’ve got you covered. Whether you recently joined the naturalista side or have always rocked your natural strands, read on for seven accounts that are sure to give you everything you’re looking for.

Cipriana Quann – @ciprianaquann
We consider Cipriana the epitome of fabulous. She was blessed with a gorgeous head of hair and isn’t afraid to show it, along with her très chic outfit ensembles. Scroll through her feed to catch her equally adorable sister Tk Wonder killing the natural hair game, too.

Jasmine – @amazingnaturalhair
With a name like @amaz
ingNaturalHair, this account speaks for itself. It was founded by @MsJass_  and showcases several different women embracing their natural hair in all its glory. From afros and ponytails to braids and protective styles, we guarantee you’ll get  caught in a two-hour scrolling spell, simply based off pure admiration.

Ky – @laetitiaky
There are very few words short of ah-mazing that can accurately describe the masterful creations found on @laetitiaky’s IG account. The artist uses her talented skills to create full-on sculptures out of her natural, long hair. Even if you can’t create the looks on your own, we promise you won’t be disappointed after hitting that follow button.

Jay and Trina – @curltureuk
This award-winning empowerment duo is taking Instagram by storm with their natural hair, beauty and lifestyle account. Aside from showing you all their natural hair tips and tricks, you can also catch snippets of their mission to empower black women all over the world.

Alexus Crown – @alexuscrown
Meet Alexus Crown who is loved for her incredible style and statement afro. This influencer counts nearly 70-thousand followers on Instagram and it’s a no-brainer as to why: You can find Crown serving you all the looks, as well as giving you product recommendations and different styles for the ultimate natural hair inspiration account. 

Romance Cox – @heycurlie
Ranging from protective styles to natural styles and everything in between, Romance Cox is sure to give you what you’re looking for. While you’re searching for a new hairstyle, be sure to snag some tips on all things beauty, fashion, skin care, manis and more. 

Elle & Neecie – @naturalhairdaily
Self-declared “friendly healthy hair enthusiasts,” Elle and Neecie want you to find inspiration for styling while also educating you on how to keep your natural strands healthy. Check out their feed for different looks and the occasional uplifting meme. 

If you didn’t see a natural hair page on this list, comment it down below. I don’t know about you guys but I can stay on natural hair pages/protective hair pages for hours, I just find them fascinated especially when it comes to my people hair.


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