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Th season of gel texture moisturizers, quick-absorbing serums, and refreshing facial mists is gradually coming to an end, and you’ll soon need to swap in richer, more heavy-duty hydrators as temperatures start to dip and the air dries up. Kick off the skin care shelf transition with Boscia’s new Chia Seed Moisture Cream, which provides intense, long-lasting moisture to dehydrated skin — and uses one of your favorite superfoods to do it.

According to Dr. Kolansky, your skin is drier in the winter because the cold weather causes your blood vessels to constrict, resulting in less blood flow to your skin’s surface. And the changes in temperature between your warm home or office and the bitter outdoors causes an additional loss of moisture. When the weather outside is frightful, I bulk up my regimen with more hydrating ingredients like:

  • Ceramides
  • Fatty acids
  • Hyaluronic acid or sodium hyaluronate
  • Selected skincare oils
  • Shea butter

With the cold weather, comes skincare companies releasing more hydrating products and thicker creams. One such product is the Chia Seed Moisture Cream from Boscia. According to the company’s website, “since 2002, plants have been the secret to our skincare success. We use ingredients rooted in nature—plant-to-bottle formulas that show results with fun formulas. Good skin comes naturally because, in our world, beauty really does grow on trees.” And the Clean Beauty Chia Seed Moisture Cream is “a super-rich cream that provides an instant restoration of deep hydration to dry skin while nurturing and locking in moisture for soft and supple skin.”

Is it worth adding to your winter routine? Let’s take a look:

What Can Chia Seeds Do For Your Skin?

Chia seeds are a superfood for the body, but do those superpowers benefit your skin at all? Kind of… Chia seeds are a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are anti-inflammatory fatty acids naturally found within the skin. Omega-3 fatty acids are documented to be substantially lower in those with dry/very dry skin types than those with normal to oily skin types, though omega-3 supplementation (whether oral or topical) can help this, returning skin to a more youthful, supple state. The topical chia seed oil has also been documented in the journal Annals of Dermatology to relieve severe symptoms of pruritus or skin itching.

The itty bitty seed in pressed oil form is clinically proven to increase skin hydration by reducing moisture loss, aka it locks in all of those skin-plumping omega fatty acids for healthy, glowy skin that lasts. Mineral-dense Swiss Glacier Water joins in to help moisture soak in deeply, protect skin, and improve smoothness, while elderberry extract brings a major dose of vitamins A, B6, C, and E to promote brightness and defend your complexion against stress and environmental pollutants. Long story short, it’s the naturally effective moisturizing cocktail your complexion never knew it needed.

So is chia seed oil going to remove your fine lines and wrinkles? Fix hyperpigmentation? Encourage collagen production? Probably not. However, if you suffer from dry to very dry skin, the chia seed oil is likely to temporarily plump up your skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines somewhat.

So the Chia Seed Moisture Cream can be great for temporary hydration (perhaps under makeup in the morning) but the long term benefits aren’t quite there.

Glacier Water; Marketing Gimmick or Effective Ingredients?

One of the ingredients that popped out at me when I first saw this product on Sephora’s website was “Glacier Water.” What does that mean, and does it have any benefit at all or is it simply a gimmicky marketing thing?

After doing some digging, I found that companies use “glacier water” as a hydrator in their products. Glacier water starts as rainfall, snow, and ice residing on, you guessed it, a glacier! As it trickles down it is filtered through the mountains’ porous, volcanic rock, also known as “tuff,” and collects trace minerals before running underground to pick up volcanic minerals from lava rock. And after all of that, it then emerges via ancient lava fields and thermal baths.

According to Tom Vichorski, a chemist who works with Skyn Iceland, this process results in water that is purified naturally. “Think of your standard carbon water filter,” he says, “now think of that filter extending miles beneath the Earth’s surface — that’s why the water is so pure.” So, I’m just going to be honest here… trace amounts of minerals in purified water are not going to do anything life-changing to your skin. There is no peer-reviewed published research that says “glacier water” will result in better skin. But it does make for fun and fancy marketing.

Personal Use and Opinion

The product is housed in a bulky, matte pink jar. For a product that’s selling point is its use of antioxidants, jar packaging isn’t the best as these ingredients aren’t known for being very stable. It’s also not the most hygienic thing in the world to constantly be dipping your fingers into your product and exposing it to the bacteria in the air, however, Boscia includes a funky looking scooper with the product which helps to mitigate this somewhat.

The cream itself is very thick, and a little bit goes a long way. I think that for those with oily skin this would be too heavy, but if you are on the drier side this would be great! I used this nightly for a few weeks and didn’t notice any irritation or adverse effects. Overall it was a solid product, but not sure there are any real long-term benefits outside of hydration.

Bottom Line

While “glacier water” is pretty gimmicky, the Chia Seed Moisture Cream from Boscia is a solid night cream. It’s thick and hydrating and I would recommend it for those who have dry skin.


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Chia Seed Moisture Cream


The super hero of this incredibly rich moisture cream, chia seed oil, instantly and deeply moisturizes for a healthy and revitalized complexion

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