Melanin is Amazing but I Need Sunscreen?

In the black community it’s a common misconception that our melanin infused skin completely eliminates the need for sunscreen as protection. Yes, our melanin does protect from some UV rays, but we actually do need to wear sunscreen too.

Skin cancer and aging lines don’t discriminate. Every skin tone on earth is at risk of being dried out, aged and burnt by the sun. It’s not too late to properly take care of your melanin.

Let’s take a moment to explore the reasons why sunscreen is a must, even for darker tones.


This alone is good enough reason to buy sunscreen for your melanin. Skin cancer effects both light skin tones and dark. Your natural skin protectant blocks UV light up to SPF 13. This isn’t as strong as the sunscreen (SPF 30 is recommended) which is created for skin protection.

That means cancer can and will develop in your skin, if not properly protected. Studies also show that we are more likely to die from skin cancer than those with lighter skin. Melanated people are simply more likely to die from skin cancer because we aren’t looking for the signs and don’t take the necessary precautions to prevent skin cancers.

While people with dark skin have more melanin, which helps to protect their skin from UV rays, they are still at risk for developing different types of skin cancer, including melanomas. UV rays also contribute to photoaging, and regular use of sunscreen can help prevent the formation of wrinkles, dark spots, and sagging leathery skin.

You can find important information on skin cancer and melanin on Health Care’s website.

Aging and Dark Spots

One of the benefits of dark skin is the ability to look as if you haven’t aged a day. You want to keep these good looks, right? Don’t let the sun dry out your skin creating fine lines and wrinkles. It’s simply not worth it when you can purchase sunscreen designed specifically for your needs.

Sunlight also creates uneven skin tones and dark spots which can be totally avoided with a little sun screen. Aging spots and lines aren’t the only thing to worry about. Your skin will lose tone, and volume.

Sagging skin will become a reality if sunscreen isn’t used while you’re in the sun. This is especially true for those who live in areas like Texas, Florida and other places where the sun always shines.

Unwanted Burns

If you’ve never experienced a sunburn lucky you. It’s the worst feeling and seeing your skin peel right before your eyes is pretty weird. Sunburns can happen on all skin tones. Sure, you won’t burn as quickly as those with fair skin, but you can still develop burns.

Take the extra precaution of choosing the right sunscreen designed for your skin type. It doesn’t hurt to take these measures. In the long run your skin will truly thank you.

While you’re in the sun your skin will become darker, everyone knows this but do you know why? The tanning effect isn’t really a tan it’s a sign of skin damage from the sun. Your body produces more melanin in effort to protect that previous outer layer of skin.

Your melanin is amazing. It performs super hero like duties but unfortunately it cannot completely protect you from harmful UV rays. Take the time to research skin cancer in African Americans and purchase sunscreen. Your body will thank you.

Knowing the ingredients and the resulting properties isn’t on every shoppers mind, but the undesirable outcomes are. The majority of shoppers look for a product that isn’t greasy or that doesn’t leave a noticeable residue on the skin. A good deal of people also look for a product that is in line with their own ethics. I, for one, look for Vegan/ cruelty free products that also hydrate the skin. I normally just stick with Aveeno PROTECT + HYDRATE Lotion but today… well read on to see why Bolden SPF 30 Brightening Moisturizer got me singing ♪♪♪. (Click here to continue)

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