Rethinking Valentine gifts

We can pretty much all agree that finding the elusive ~perfect bra~ can feel pretty impossible. You’ve got to find the perfect fit, the perfect straps, and just the right amount of cleavage — definitely not an easy feat.

If you follow Instagram influencers or even just like to browse lingerie and fashion hashtags on the app, then chances are you’ve seen a Sneaky Vaunt bra or ten. The Original Push-Up is a stick-on style with adjustable lacing joining the cups. Simply tug on the drawstring and it will pull the breasts inwards, creating instant clea­­vage.

If the brand’s half a million Instagram fans are anything to go by, this product really works. “[It] kind of went viral right from the start,” says Danielle Ross, Sneaky Vaunt’s Brand Manager. “It was crazy how much people wanted it from day one, I don’t think I’ve ever seen demand like that before. At one point, about a month in, we were growing like three followers a second. There’s nothing more exciting than watching something like this come to life. It’s kind of crazy to be honest, but we’re not complaining!”

Other brands have released similar bras though, so what makes Sneaky Vaunt so incredibly popular?

Danielle tells me there are two key things that differentiate this bra from its competitors: “It doesn’t leave any weird lines under clothes. [And] you can rely on it to stay put—our bra is REALLY sticky. Even in the dead heat of the summer, you don’t have to worry about it sliding off.”

The Original Push-Up also lasts 40 or more wears if cared for correctly. “Just be sure to hand wash and hang to dry. she advises, “In order to keep the adhesive sticky, all you need to do is get an old toothbrush or use your fingers and rub alcohol-free soap on the adhesive part in a circular motion, then rinse with water. Once your bra is dry, replace the plastic protector and tuck it back into the Sneaky Vaunt case for next time.”

The trickiest part of all of this is working out how to actually put it on. Expect some trial and error if you’re new to stick-on bras. “Everyone’s build and bust are different, so it’s just a matter of finding what works best for you,” explains Danielle, “Most girls start out with sticking one cup at a time, holding your boobs in the position you’d like them to stay in, then applying the bra. You def’ don’t need your whole boob covered and having a bit of ‘under-boob’ is fine.”

The Original Push-Up may be what first catapulted Sneaky Vaunt into the limelight, but they’ve since gone on to release numerous other lingerie designs. Unsurprisingly, given the success of their first product, they’ve retained a strong focus on creating ‘solution’ pieces that help customers to unlock new outfit options.

Each piece is made from breathable fabric that’s comfy and no-show. The fits also smooth and shape your midsection in a stylish manner. Today, I gather up some sneakyvaunts items that is perfect for valentine wear.

The Original Push-Up

Color: Nude Black and Pink

Size:A B C D DD

Boy Shorts

Color: Black White Burgundy

Size: S M L XL

High Waisted Thong

Color: Black White Burgundy

Size: S M L XL

Lace And Mesh Keyhole Body Suit

Color: Red Black

Size: S M L XL

Shapewear Bodysuit

Color: Black Nude

I understand Valentine can be a lot of pressure but don’t worry, sneakyvaunt is here to help us beauties to look and feel red-hot this Valentine!


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