Yoga skin: new glowing makeup trend everyone is crazy about

We all know true beauty comes from within, but when we want to enhance it from outside there is no better way than with beautiful healthy skin. As a matter of fact, a good (and consistent!skincare routine is a key for radiant and youthful looking skin, not only to boost your confidence but to keep you healthy too. After all, skin is the human body’s largest organ.

I’ve heard people sing the praises of mixing face oil with their foundation for the ultimate dewy, radiant complexion, over and over again. Thankfully, the power of makeup is so strong and amazing, even when our skin isn’t, so you can get this instant glow right away. How? Keep reading, you will love this one.


Women across social media have been spotted wearing beautiful natural looks enhanced by a very cool highlighting technique. It’s all about luminous and youthful radiance that looks natural, flawless and healthy. Basically, your “no makeup look” with an extra glow.

When skin is at its healthiest, it has a sort of glow that radiates through a room. However, it’s not always realistic to have perfectly healthy skin all the time—between work, travel, and having a social life, sometimes our skin just doesn’t glow from the inside out as much as we’d like it to. Whenever this happens, there’s always makeup to save the day! And that’s exactly why yoga skin has taken off as a trend. All about getting a glowing, dewy complexion with makeup, yoga skin is reminiscent of the recent glass skin trend. The main difference being, yoga skin focuses on achieving a more natural look. Whereas the goal of glass skin is to get a picture-perfect, flawless-looking complexion, yoga skin is inspired by the pretty flush and glisten skin has after a particularly good yoga class.

So what is yoga skin? The glowing makeup trend started with Sara Hill, UK makeup artist who created Instagram hashtag #yogaskin as it reminded her of a fresh and gorgeous radiant skin women have when stepping out of the yoga studio; juicy, dewy and super-hydrated. It’s not about hiding imperfections but creating a hyper-real version of your natural skin, pinchable and just irresistible!”

How to get yoga skin

Don’t worry you don’t actually have to do yoga (unless you want to).

To get the look, start by applying your regular skincare as normal, and leave it for at least five minutes to settle into your skin.

Apply a layer of primer, and then it’s time to get to mixing! Number one rule: hydration. Hydrated skin is what essentially makes glowing makeup trend so, well, glowing. What I love about this look is that it’s completely customizable to your needs, preferences and skin type.

The Best Way to Mix Your Foundation With Face Oil

There are two ways to go about mixing your foundation and facial oil. You can either add a couple of drops into your foundation, or you can apply the oil directly onto your skin as a foundation primer

For the latter method, you may not want to cover your entire face with oil before foundation application. “If I’m applying directly onto the skin as a primer, I stick to the high points of the face like on the tops of the cheeks, not on the areas of the face that produce oil on their own, like in the T-zone.” This will keep the makeup looking more lit-from-within and less greasy. 

Even those with oily skin shouldn’t be discouraged from giving this makeup hack a try. If you are prone to oiliness and shine, you can use a small amount of powder to set your foundation in place. I like to apply powder very sparingly with a damp sponge instead of a brush because powder can build up very quickly on top of oil and end up looking cakey.” The damp sponge helps keep the powder looking smooth and gives your complexion an overall more hydrated appearance.

Sara Hills Primp Tip: mix liquid foundations with a drop of facial oil and few drops of liquid highlighter. You can also add glow drops. Finally, massage into the skin. Optional, if needed, add a small amount of concealer to cover up any spots or puffiness under the eyes. Use an alcohol-free setting spray to add extra hydration.

Choose Your Tool to Apply Your Face Oil and Foundation Combination

It’s all about personal preference when it comes to your application tool for face oil and foundation. I prefer a combination of a brush and a makeup sponge to get the job done. “Because oil thins out your foundation, I prefer to apply first with fingers or a brush and then use a damp sponge to tap it into place and soften any streaks.”

Why Mix Face Oil With Your Foundation?

Aside from helping you achieve a dewy-looking complexion (and who doesn’t want that?!), blending together a face oil and foundation can help you customize your coverage. “Mixing oil into your foundation can thin out full coverage, make a matte foundation look a little more luminous and can make your application glide and buff more easily. Plus it can add needed hydration to skin that’s dry. 

Foundation Recommendations:  

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24H Long Wear FoundationUrban Decay Stay Naked Weightless Foundation and YSL Beauty All Hours Longwear Natural Matte Foundation

Face Oil Recommendations:

Lancôme Bienfait Multi-Vital Daily Replenishing OilYouth to the People Superberry Hydrate + Glow Oil and Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Face Oil

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