Huda Beauty Resting Boss Face Setting Spray Review

When it comes to wearing makeup, we’re all weary of having it smear or disappearing and having to touch up. I almost never touch up because the thought of having to reapply makeup on dirty skin grosses me out. So, the idea that setting sprays can keep our makeup in place all day is extremely attractive. When Huda Beauty released her waterproof setting spray and I saw what it could do I ordered it immediately. I tested this out over the last week and here’s what happened.


Huda Beauty’s Setting Spray offers “extra-hold” with a waterproof matte finish. This is a non-aerosol spray. You get 100ml of product for $33.


Well, this is like looking at a not so good report card. There are quite a few hazardous ingredients-Benzyl Salicylate, Coumarin, Hydroxycitronellal, and Isoeugenol. Alcohol is the first ingredient listed and alcohol tends to dry out your skin which is a no-no. The last three are all fragrances and I think everyone has heard just how bad the fragrance is in this spray. Benzyl Salicylate is associated with allergies and contact dermatitis and also works as an ultraviolet light absorber. Actually, almost half of the ingredients in this list function as fragrances!

To be fair, this never claimed to have any sort of skin care benefit. I mean, what do you expect from something that claims to be waterproof and was inspired by extra hold hair spray? If you’re particular about the ingredients in your cosmetics, then run far, far away from this!


First time using this, I sprayed directly to my face then on my makeup sponge and applied my foundation with it. In hindsight that isn’t what the directions said to do, but oh well! When applied directly on face, I did find the fragrance to be a bit much. My friend also tried it before we went out and she said the Resting Boss Spray irritated her skin. She felt this burning sensation and was kinda sticky to her. But, after a while that feeling went away.

This spray smells like perfume which normally wouldn’t bother me but it can be overwhelming. The spray does control oil pretty well. Normally, my T-Zone would start to get greasy after 3 or 4 hours, but the Huda spray kept it in check. Side note- It did cause me to have a migraine and I did feel sick. The setting spray was applied at 10pm and lasted throughout the night until 6am, when I finally came home to go to work. You know what was amazing though? I had gotten some of the spray on my eyelids and my eye makeup was creaseless. I didn’t use eye primer, so I was impressed! Overall, not bad for the first time.

I tried different ways of using the spray- spraying directly onto the face, doing it Huda’s way, and spraying targeted areas. If you spray directly onto the face, the fragrance is over-powering and cue in all the bad reviews on Sephora. Spraying directly onto the face will also lead to unevenness with more product on one part of the face than the rest. This formula really is like extra hold hair spray!

Primp Tip: Spray after your skin prep rituals and at the end, apply Huda Beauty Resting Boss Spray onto the beauty blender for less irritation and for more coverage. The fragrance is a little tolerable this way.

If you are wondering if Huda’s setting spray is waterproof, I can’t really say right now. February 15, 2020 was a rainy night but my friend and I makeup stayed in tact.

Compared to other setting sprays, Huda’s setting spray is significantly stronger and longer lasting.

If your skin is really oily then the spray will keep your face looking fresh throughput the day. For the normal to dry skin people, makeup will still look fresh and radiant. But since this has a matte finish, I would suggest don’t use it as much because like I previously stated, alcohol does dry out the skin. For the sensitive skin type, try applying with your beauty blender sponge instead of directly onto face.


The Huda Beauty Setting Spray is some heavy-duty stuff! If it wasn’t for the bad ingredients, I would be singing more praises because it works better than its competitors. I love that I don’t have to do any touch-ups when using this product, but I value my skin more.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.


Resting Boss Face, $33


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