STYLISH SWEATERS to Update Your WFH Wardrobe

If you make the effort to change out of your pajamas while quarantined and working from home, it most likely means something somewhat presentable on top and a free-for-all on the bottom. With Zoom meetings and FaceTime conference calls, you really only need to dress from the waist up. To update your WFH wardrobe, we shopped 10 sweaters you can still feel comfortable in and look “office” appropriate during your next virtual meeting with your team. Shop our picks for cute sweaters below.

Dream Come True Sweater – Light Pink, Mocha

$42.99 USD $27.98 USD

Cool Off You Tunic Sweater – Neon Coral, Blue, Wine, Mustard

$27.99 USD $17.98 USD

Logan Fuzzy Sweater – Blue

$32.99 USD $19.98 USD

Only For You Sweater – Ivory, Orange, Black

$29.99 USD $17.98 USD

I’m All About It Top – Black, Lavender, Blue

$27.99 USD $17.98 USD

Lory Cozy Sweater – Grey

$34.99 USD $12.98 USD

Plaid Around Sweater – White/Black, Black/Red

$39.99 USD $29.98 USD

The One Cardigan – Wine, Olive, Black

$27.99 USD $21.98 USD

Tie Me Up Sweater – Rose

$39.99 USD $29.98 USD

Can We Just Talk Sweater – Heather Grey, Yellow

$29.99 USD $21.98 USD

Keep You Safe Top – Rust, Black, Mustard

$27.99 USD $21.98 USD

Never Let Me Down Sweater – Heather Grey

$29.99 USD $21.98 USD

Mesmerized Sweater – Lime, Fuchsia

$34.99 USD $22.98 USD

When You Need It Sweater – Baby Blue, White

$29.99 USD $21.98 USD

Playin’ Knit Cool Top – Lavender, Black, Rust

$22.99 USD $17.98 USD

Found Out Again Cardigan – Mustard, Rose, Black

$27.99 USD $17.98 USD

Can’t Relate Sweater – Taupe, Black, Olive, Red

$29.99 USD $17.98 USD

Wake Up In The Sky Sweater – Taupe

$34.99 USD $22.98 USD

Nita Ribbed Cardigan – Black, Mauve, Desert, Burgundy, Black

$22.99 USD

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