9 of the Easiest Ways to Prioritize Self-Care Today

You know you’re supposed to be practicing self-care on the regular, but how often do you say no to happy hour because you scheduled alone time after work? Do you feel guilty when you skip a workout because your body needs a break, or get caught up in finishing an episode of Riverdale (and get to bed much later than you know you need to)?

Self-care should never be an afterthought, though a modern lifestyle makes it difficult to prioritize, and makes us feel guilty when we do. However, caring for yourself isn’t selfish. It’s simply the most important insurance that you show up as your best self for your work, your family, and your loved ones. Therefore, self-care is not really caring for yourself if it doesn’t make you happier, calmer, and less stressed. Just because Instagram posts show face masks and hashtags them with #selfcare, doesn’t mean that’s doing anything for you (unless face masks do make you feel relaxed!). Instead, here are nine easy ways you can fit self-care into your routine today. 

1. Meditate while your coffee brews

Meditation is extremely beneficial for mental health, but it can be hard to stick with a practice. Instead of hoping to schedule extra time in your day (there’s no such thing as “extra time”), fit a few moments into the schedule you already have set. When you start your pot of coffee, spend a couple of minutes meditating while it brews. Notice the smell of coffee, think about the present moment, and simply breathe instead of rushing onto the next step. 

2. Watch your language

Even if words seem common or unimportant (“I look so bad in these jeans!” or “I don’t know if I deserve the promotion”), the way we speak to and about ourselves is how we’re training our brains to see ourselves. Even if you don’t believe it, be confident in your actions and abilities. Talk to yourself like you would talk to your best friend (you would never think your best friend is anything but perfect, gorgeous, invincible, and badass!).

Also, work on replacing “sorry” with “thank you.” Women are taught to be polite by putting themselves down, so start expressing gratitude for patience, kindness, or assistance, rather than apologizing for being an inconvenience. 

3. Turn your shower into an experience

On the days where we’re just hoping to have time to eat three meals, a shower might be the last thing you want to do slowly, but it also might be the one chance you get to prioritize yourself that day. Instead of thinking of a shower as a chore, think of it as a relaxation practice. Turn your shower into a spa-like experience by lighting a scented candle, using the fancy soap you usually save for guests, and drying off with warm, fluffy towels. 

4. Schedule time to “goof off”

Just because you’re crushing the #adulting game by paying your taxes on time and putting together IKEA furniture by yourself doesn’t mean you don’t need “playtime” like you did when you were a kid. Give yourself a few minutes of unstructured activity multiple times throughout the day. Take a break from work to have a five-minute dance party or invest in an adult coloring book to bring out your creative side. No matter what appeals to you the most, channel your inner child to bring yourself more joy and laughter. 

5. Slow down instead of speed up

We always feel like we don’t have time. There never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done, and we rush through items on a long to-do list every day. We say things like “time flies” and “life goes by in the blink of an eye.” Here’s a little secret for you about time: you can actually get more by choosing to slow down. Rushing through life and thinking about the next item to check off a list instead of focusing on the present not only robs you of experiencing but gives you the illusion that you’ll never have enough time. 

The truth is that we have all the time we need (you do have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé, after all). Instead of gulping down your morning coffee, sit down and enjoy every sip. Instead of stressing about the traffic on your commute, listen to a playlist or podcast you love. It sounds counterintuitive, but slowing down stops you from feeling that time is a limited currency we’ll never have enough of. We don’t need more time; we just need to spend it better. 

6. Practice your hobby

Even if you’re lucky enough to have a dream job that makes you excited to wake up in the mornings, self-care is about finding balance. Make sure you have a passion outside of your 9 to 5 by pursuing a hobby. It could be something you love so much you want to turn it into a side-hustle, like jewelry making or photography, or it could be something you simply enjoy doing (whether or not you’d ever make money from it) like painting or cooking. 

7. Make one small change to your diet

Whether it’s drinking an extra glass of water, adding spinach to your omelet, or replacing your afternoon chips and salsa snack with carrots and guacamole, make one tiny change to your diet. Healthy eating is just a series of habits that form a domino effect. These habits snowball into a healthier lifestyle and better consciousness about what your body needs. Start small today and see how your diet changes over time. 

8. Switch up your routine

Take a different route to work, DIY a matcha latte instead of your usual cup of coffee, or wear red lipstick to work if nude lip balm is your norm. Getting out of the patterns we’re used to helps us be more mindful and present, but can also help you discover things about yourself you didn’t know before (like the fact that red lipstick gives you more confidence to crush that presentation at work). 

9. Choose who you spend your time with wisely

Today, only surround yourself with the people who exude positive energy and enthusiasm. Steer clear of the coworker who brings you down or say no to after-work drinks with the friend who makes you feel bad about yourself. If you can’t choose who you spend your time with (maybe your office is a little too small, or your roommate’s a complainer), work on becoming the person who exudes positive energy and enthusiasm. Express gratitude, give compliments, and smile often. 

How do you prioritize self-care?

These Leopard Print Pieces Will Always Be Chic

Animal prints, particularly leopard, will always be a thing – and it makes the most boring of days seem a little more interesting. As the weather warms up, step into leopard print skirts, dresses, blouses, and even heeled sandals for some day-time glamour. We rounded up 30 styles below that you can keep in your closet forever.



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In our latest edition of BeautyLeeBar hacks, we’re sharing ways to shortcut your body care routine. The reality is that sometimes there’s just not enough time to apply our tried and true regimen. In these cases, we can rely on fast tweaks that still bring solid results. Scroll down below to find out body care tips on how to get better smooth skin by using Kyncare

WHAT IS KYNCARE: KYNCARE is a brand that was created by Kyndall Sands who is an Artist and a YouTuber. She created this brand for those who are struggling with Eczema but couldn’t find reliable products. Of course, Eczema is the main reason that KYNCARE was born but if you have dry skin, really if you suffer from troubled, problematic skin then this brand is definitely for you.

Below we’re highlighting eight resourceful body tools and tips to adopt for healthier, smoother skin. Maximize your time with the body care hacks Team BLB swears by below.

• Apply moisturizer while the body is still damp from the shower. This locks in moisture, and applying lotion to damp skin takes half the time rubbing it in.

Kyncare OATS + HONEY BODY CREAM ( $18 ), is a thick, creamy, and luxurious body lotion that makes dry skin a thing of the past. Creamy oatmilk, honey, and almond come together to create this comforting scent. The fragrance doesn’t irritate the skin and doesn’t cause any breakouts.

• Use coconut oil as a shaving cream. It’s all-natural and leaves skin smooth and moisturized.

Kyncare COCONUT CREAM BODY OIL ( $12 ), heals chapped skin. Coconut Cream Body Oil uses Avocado oil to hydrate & moisturize your skin all day, and leave you with the long lasting scent of creamy coconut. You will be smelling like a snack all day and night!

It gives a cool summer beach vibe; very light and smooth on the skin. Primp Tip: Combine the Vanilla Body Butter Cream, it is AMAZING!! You will feel like you are on a tropical paradise island drinking a Pina Colada ❤

• If Lee tries out a serum or cream for her face but doesn’t necessarily love it, she’ll use it on her body so that she’s not being wasteful.


• Use lotion on hands and feet and wrap them in socks for 20-30 minutes. It will heat up the moisturizer so that it penetrates deeper into the skin. The result: hands and feet that are soft, smooth, and ready to be touched.

GARDENIA BODY CREAM( $18 ), has a subtle, floral blend of gardenia and delicate jasmine. The type of cleanness and freshness that you will feel on the daily and nightly is unexplainable. Before you dip your feet into all that goodness, make sure you exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate. GARDENIA FOAMING SUGAR SCRUB ( $12 ), is formulated with sugar and foaming whipped soap, the sugar scrubs will leave your skin feeling fresh & smelling delicious! Lather onto a loofah or between your hands and buff onto the skin. It makes you smell edible & the consistency of the scrub is light a fluffy, not too rough, but still exfoliating. Love it! The packaging is cute as well. 10/10 recommend.

• If you’re going out at night and showing skin, use body oil for extra glow—and you can add a dollop of a liquid highlighter to the oil for seriously sexy skin.

PASSIONFRUIT SPLASH BODY OIL ( $12 ), uses Avocado oil to hydrate & moisturize your skin all day, and leave you with a long lasting tropical smell. This body oil is very light and smells like heaven. It feels amazing especially after a nice bath. Try pairing this with Gardenia Body Butter! It is the best combo ever! These two scents compliment each other very well.

• After applying your daily sunscreen to your face, make sure to wipe the remainder on the tops of your hands and chest. These areas get overlooked, but they’re in desperate need of SPF too.

• To naturally get rid of ingrown hairs, exfoliate, then use a dry brush, and a tweezer.

PINEAPPLE MOISTURE SCRUB ( $16 ), slough off dry, dead skin & leave your skin feeling ultra moisturized and baby soft. Kyncare juicy moisturizing scrubs are perfect for those who want exfoliation AND silky skin even after leaving the shower.

• Always wash your face and body after you condition your hair so you don’t have lingering product on your skin.

Lee didn’t find many reviews on this brand but from the videos that came up, all of the feedbacks were positive and uplifting. She will be going back for more, can’t wait to see what new products are going to be in the KYNCARE catalog! Each jar is handmade in small batches in-house so be patient and read the directions carefully.

Have you purchased from KYNCARE? If so, what was your experience like and what did you get? Comment Below!

This Easy DIY Coffee Scrub Can Be Tweaked to Suit Every Skin Type

If you want skin that glows with a capital “G,” it comes down to one thing: exfoliation, exfoliation, exfoliation. You’ve got options here: You could slather on an at-home peel with glycolic or lactic acids, pop the top on one of your favorite face scrubs, or whip up a scrub at home with a gentle exfoliant you’ve probably already got in your kitchen cabinet: coffee grounds.

Sure, there are other things you could use to make a DIY face scrub—sugar granules, baking soda, etc—but Java offers some pretty unique benefits. Coffee is excellent for the skin because it’s packed with antioxidants, which help to fight damage caused by free radicals. The caffeine also helps to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Down below are coffee scrub recipe that can easily be done at home which uses finely ground (“Exfoliation should never hurt!” can’t stress this enough) Kenyan Coffee—a variety that has a note of citrus, making it less bitter than other kinds. But, you can use any type of grounds you like or have—including instant coffee.

What I love about this simple take is that it can be adapted to address almost every skin type and concern. Add a few ingredients to optimize it for oily skin or super-dry complexions, swap out the coconut oil to make it work for acne-prone skin, or get an assist from some spices to help tighten and tone.

Here’s how to make a DIY coffee face scrub at home.

Kenyan Coffee Scrub

1 cup finely ground Kenyan coffee
1 cup organic brown sugar
2 tablespoons organic avocado oil
2 tablespoons organic and refined coconut oil


1. Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl.
2. Apply in circular motions to face and neck, scrubbing for three minutes.
3. Rinse with lukewarm water and then rinse again with cool water. Pat dry.

For Oily Skin

Add three tablespoons of grated cucumber and the juice from half a lemon to the recipe. Cucumber helps to remove excess oil while lemon juice brightens the skin.

For Dry Skin

Add ¼ cup of organic plain yogurt and a few drops of your favorite face oil to the mixture. After massaging into the skin, leave on for an additional 5-10 minutes before rinsing.

For Puffiness

Add one tablespoon of turmeric powder to the recipe. “The coffee and turmeric work together to help calm skin inflammation.

For Acne

Omit coconut oil and add 1 tablespoon of honey. Packed with antibacterial properties, honey helps to keep breakouts in check.

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