Pajamas Are Clothes Now—Here’s How to Look Put-Together Without Wearing a Blazer

I’ve always been a pajama girl. I like to look nice when I’m around other people for the most part, so if I’m going to hang around you in my PJs, I want cute ones. I also tend to get uncomfortable in my pajamas quite easily, so they’ve got to feel soft, and a little luxury doesn’t hurt anyone. So, you’ll know I was elated when I realized my favorite pieces in my closet are considered the normal clothes we wear every day now. 

The Lounge was the dream of a young couple. The brand was born in their lounge in the West Midlands. Loungewear is known for its Triangle Collection which first launched in 2015. loungewear has extended their brand from bras to comfortable leggings to pajamas to sexy feminine lingerie, etc which are everything I need to get out of bed and onto the couch in the morning (maybe even my desk if I’m feeling extra special). Because the clothes we normally only wear from 8 pm-11 am every day are now our 24/7s, we deserve to look and feel our best.

FYI: When shopping at Lounge, you do have to move quick because the next day, the item that you wanted yesterday could be sold out today.

Instead of popping on that blazer and jeans and being sad all day, here are ways to make the comfiest clothes in your dresser feel professional.

Follow the same styling principles

Most of us know the styles that work best for our bodies and what styling tricks to use to look the best. So, why not follow this same framework for your loungewear? For example, if you prefer to stick to one tight piece and one loose piece, you can do this easily with leggings and a baggy sweatshirt or joggers and a tight tank. Loungewear might feel like pajamas, but the high-quality fabrics and neutral (but trendy) colors make them look classic on video calls for work. Styling your loungewear in the same way you would your normal clothes gives you the same feelings of professional and put-together without dealing with zippers and stiff denim.

Choose clothes that are lounge and work-appropriate

Instead of focusing on lounging in loungewear and working in workwear, invest in pieces that do both. “Business casual” is a little different than it used to be, meaning looking nice doesn’t have to come from a suit or dress like it used to. When you want to feel professional for work, opt for pieces that are both comfortable and slightly tailored, like a classic pair of joggers. You’ll feel more put-together than if you were wearing a pair of joggers, but you also have to change out of them before you head to the living room for your daily workout, creating the illusion that you actually are changing tasks.

Invest in good fabrics

When it comes to pajamas, a breezy, smooth fabric is everything when it comes to both comfort and style. Make your PJs totally Zoom-meeting-appropriate by choosing a pair that looks and feels luxe. Even though all of the items in Lounge Sleep Collection are way more expensive than normal sleepwear, you’ll look more presentable even when you’re wearing what you slept in. This is also a great time to go matchy-matchy with a set; it’s like the suit equivalent of working from home if you ask me. 

Wear a bra

Obviously, no one is actually seeing this step, but hear me out. Whether you’re rocking yesterday’s T-shirt, a hoodie, or a nice sweater to ~dress up~, wearing a bra underneath will make everything look more polished. You’ll sit up straighter, and you’ll fill out your tops more. But just because you’re wearing a bra doesn’t mean you have to resort to those God-forsaken wire torture devices either. LOUNGE BODY CONTOURING COMFORT bra is the bra we never knew could exist. Even though it doesn’t have wires, the Lounge Bra is all things soft, simple and most importantly, comfortable! Lounge Bralet Sets make every day feel like you’re practically not wearing any underwear, what a dream!?! The Contour Bra is designed with a V shape plunging neckline and features flattering mesh panels, extenuating the contours of your body. The bra’s comfy matching thong replicates the mesh panel features, bringing you the perfect new matching set for everyday lounging. This new set looks good under every tee you could possibly imagine.

Do your hair and makeup

You’d be surprised by what can look good just by swiping on a little blush and mascara. Take the time to brush (maybe even style, if you’re feeling wild and crazy) your hair and put on whatever makeup makes you feel good. Whether it’s a tinted lip balm and CC cream or a full beat, you’ll feel more like yourself, even when you’re wearing the most comfortable pajama set on Earth.

Add a robe

Early ‘00s and ‘90s TV had the art of chic pajamas down to a science, and the #1 trick I’ve learned from binge-watching it all lately? Never underestimate the power of a chic robe. Whether you’re wearing a T-shirt and leggings or a sexy chemise, a robe just makes it look a little more elegant and styled.

Wear a nightdress

Could it get any more comfortable than a dress?! I swear by a sleep dress for their comfort, breathability, and middle-of-the-night-bathroom-break ease. From short dresses to midi-lengths, add on a denim jacket and your fave slippers and you’re ready to take on the day—without even stepping out of your PJs.

When did you discover Lounge and What was the first item you ever bought from them? Comment below!

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