Exactly How to Bake Your Makeup

You’ve likely tried contouring, tightlining and even strobing. Next on your list should be baking. This technique (which honestly makes us crave cookies and not mad about it) essentially consists of using your body heat to “cook” and set your makeup on areas like the under-eyes, the T-zone and chin, resulting in a more flawless, creaseless finish. Say goodbye to cracked, cakey makeup! And though it adds some time to your routine, it couldn’t be easier to do. Just follow the four steps below and thank us after.

STEP 1: Apply eye cream first then concealer to the under-eye area, the chin, the T-zone — anywhere you need it. Make sure the regions you choose are completely covered in the formula. Use a brush to lightly blend out the makeup.

STEP 2: Take a loose powder foundation (try the Maybelline New York Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder) and dust it over the concealer. Again, make sure you cover the entire area as the powder is meant to seal your concealer. For more heavy-duty coverage, apply a second coat of powder, but this time, lightly dampen the brush prior to dipping it in the powder. 

STEP 3: Now it’s time to bake! Allow five to ten minutes for the makeup to set.

STEP 4: Using a fluffy foundation brush, dust away any loose powder on top and gently blend it out so there’s no discoloration or makeup lines. 

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  1. I usually bake for like a one to two minutes otherwise I get too dry but I love it, it’s the only thing that stops my concealer from going in the creases

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