7 Satin Hair Bonnets That Protect Your Hair

Since, of January 2020, I have been wearing satin hair bonnets to bed. Whether it’s to maintain freshly done braids, preserve my wrap or protect my ends, it’s become a nonnegotiable part of my beauty and sleep routine. Not only do hair bonnets help to lock in moisture, but they also prevent the friction that occurs when your hair rubs against your pillow. Bonnets rank high on the list of black girl beauty essentials and have recently become more popular as other communities have caught on to the benefits of protecting your ends from drying, cotton pillowcases. Here, I gathered a list of the best hair bonnets, from the chic option you can totally wear outdoors to the extra-long bonnet designed for extra-long lengths.

Glow by Daye Satin Bonnet

Anyone who sleeps with a bonnet or scarf knows the struggle of waking up to find it next to you on the pillow. That’s where the Glow by Day Satin Bonnet comes in. The band is adjustable, so you can customize it to your head size and it’s double layered and reversible, which practically makes it two bonnets in one.

Silke London Hair Wrap


Ideal for shorter or flatter hair (it’s perfect post-silk press), the Silke London Silk Hair Wrap is available in chic, colorblocked options with knots in the front. It’s a bonnet that doesn’t look like a bonnet and is made of pure mulberry silk to ensure your strands stay hydrated all night long.

Evolve Satin Wide Edge Bonnet


The Evolve Satin Wide Edge Bonnet is a beauty supply store staple that keeps edges smooth while also protecting your hair. This is an ideal option for anyone who wants to wake up selfie-ready or likes their edges to stay laid throughout the night.

Red by Kiss Silky Satin Braid Bonnet


Long braided styles can render your everyday bonnet obsolete, which is why we always recommend keeping a satin braid bonnet around, just in case. This option from Red by Kiss holds your braids all night and is made of a breathable fabric.

Grace Eleyae Slap Cap


Grace Eleyae Slaps (slap stands for “satin-lined cap”) have long been a staple on the natural hair scene. The beanie-like bonnets are innocuous enough to be worn outside and soft enough to be worn to bed. They’re also available in nearly every color imaginable so feel free to pick up a few to match your mood or your PJs.

MARLENA Isoken Enofe

This bonnet is as much a fashion statement as it is functional—and the x-large size makes it a great option for anyone with extra thick or long hair. It also comes in kids sizes too

ADAMA Luxy Satin Bonnet, Black & Gold

ADAMA Luxy Satin Bonnet is double sided satin for Nighttime Hair Protection with a comfortable Elastic Headband with Shiny Metallic Finish. The x-large size accommodate large volumes of hair without matting it down and comes in a Black and Gold style.

The adjustable, super-comfortable bonnet is a classic favorite! No matter how thick your hair, this bonnet gives you room to rest and relax without breakage. The perfect way to keep your curls (or any hair texture!) intact and in shape.


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