How to Spruce up Your Work From Home Space

There was a time in life that I dreamed about “working from home.” Except for the home I imagined was more so a café in Paris where I would write articles while eating multiple croissants. I did not, however, imagine sitting at the dining table unable to leave for anywhere other than the grocery store.

Working from home loses its charm very quickly. I spend all day at home only to reward myself post-work with … more home. While some don’t have a job at the moment, I am grateful that my manager still calls. Blogging and Instagram have really been my main income during this pandemic which allows me to stay home, but I still struggle with the monotony. Keep reading for the seven things I ordered online to make my daily experience more enjoyable.

High-Quality Candles

I have been thinking a lot about the bell system we had in high school recently. The beginning and end of a day signified by the alarming roar of bells. I wanted to signal the beginning and end of my workdays in a less jarring manner, so I have been lighting a candle by my laptop each morning and blowing it out when I am done. The scent helps me relax and transports me somewhere other than the suburbs. Right now, I am alternating between NEST’s Moroccan Amber and Maison Louis Marie’s No. 4. The sweet smell of luxury.

An Intricate Skincare Routine

One perk to isolation is that you can sit in a face mask while replying to emails. There is no one around to laugh at your ZitSticka pimple patches ($29). You can spend 2 hours on your morning skincare routine because you no longer have to waste time commuting. Each morning, I have been cleansing my skin with Sunday Riley’s Ceramic Slip ($35), exfoliating with Glossier Solution exfoliating skin perfector ($24) and following it up with an oil. If I am breaking out, I lean towards U.F.O. ($80) but if not I grab C.E.O. Glow ($40) and my skin instantly feels suppler. There are days I like to sit outside when working and I will put on Sunscreen to protect myself from the sun’s harsh rays. When I am not being lazy, I whip together my turmeric face mask which consists of yogurt, turmeric, lemon and honey for a nice homemade glow.

A Selection of Teas

To avoid gaining the “quarantine 15,” I have been sipping on a wide array of tea throughout the day. This prevents me from mindlessly snacking as a result of boredom. You can make a game out of it too. A sip every time someone on your Instagram feed tags 10 people in a push-up challenge. Another sip when you see someone not social distancing properly. I like switching between green, turmeric and honey chamomile tea but there are so many options out there.

Matching Loungewear Sets

Stay away from me if you are someone that dresses up to work from home. I have been following a strict elastic waistband dress code. Pajamas all day ­≠ sloppy and primitive. With so many sets out there to choose from it is easier than ever to look nice enough for the Zoom meeting screenshot that will inevitably make its way onto Instagram.

At-Home Workout Equipment

I never thought I would be able to work out from home. I miss going to the gym and working out until 9pm. But, I was lucky enough to find online classes that I enjoy and wouldn’t mind continuing it after Covid-19. Francia Raisa – have been live-streaming workouts on IG for FREE. Most of the classes do not require any equipment, which is perfect if you do not have a home gym.


The silver lining in all of this is that we finally have time to do all the things we talked about wanting to do (from the safety of our own homes, of course). I used to complain that there was never enough time in a day to read. So if I do not come out of isolation a well-read genius, I want to be held accountable. If you have a library card, use OverDrive to view your local library’s e-book collection. If you do not, you can download the Libby app to get one. Audible also has a 30-day free trial that grants you access to their vast audiobook collection. Personally, nothing can replace the smell and feel of a physical book for me, and for that reason, I travel to the Dollar store or any supermarket that I know for certain sells books.


Having something to take care of feels good when everything else seems outside of your control. You are not alone for you have your plants. They are rooting for you and your health (pun intended). Succulents like aloe vera and the “corn plant” can help purify the air, add fresh oxygen to your space and overall brighten the room. For $35 a month you can get a monthly subscription to The Sill — a modern plant destination for the modern plant lover. Their “Plants for Beginners” box sends you a different hand-potted plant in an earthenware planter each month that is easy to take care of.

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