How to Groom Your EYEBROWS AT HOME

Before you grab your tweezers and go ham plucking away at stray hairs in hopes to reshape and define your brows—there are some tips to keep in mind. Since seeing a professional isn’t an option at the moment, DIY is the next best method to get your brows in tip-top (OK, decent) shape. To guide you through this time, we are here to share our expertise on grooming your brows at home. Learn simple guidelines below.

Tip 1: Find your Golden Ratio.

While the proportion known as the Golden Mean has always existed in mathematics and in the physical universe, it is unknown exactly when it was first discovered and applied by mankind. It is reasonable to assume that it has perhaps been discovered and rediscovered throughout history, which explains why it goes under several names. It appears that the Egyptians may have used both pi and phi in the design of the Great Pyramids. The Greeks are thought by some to have based the design of the Parthenon on this proportion, but this is subject to some conjecture

Anyways, for the beauty world, Anastasia recognized that this mathematical principle of thirds, known more modernly as the Golden Ratio, could influence not only centuries of art and architecture, but could be applied directly to the human face to create aesthetic harmony. Believing that brows should be shaped according to an individual’s bone structure, Anastasia developed a formula for the Golden Ratio’s application.

She created this patented method to determine where your brows should begin, arch, and end according to your bone structure. Using these three marks will help you to groom your brows to create better balance and symmetry.

How to find your Golden Ratio:

1) Your first mark will be where your brows should begin, which is directly above the center of the nostril.
2) Next, you will mark where the brow should end. Align the bottom outside corner of the nose with the outside of the eye.
3) Lastly, you will mark the highest point of the brow. This mark is from the center of the tip of the nose through the center of the iris.

Tip 2: Try using a stencil as a guide.

Lightly filling your brows with a stencil before grooming will create a guideline to help keep brows symmetrical when touching them up.

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Tip 3: Have the right tools.

Make sure you have good quality tweezers and/or scissors to groom with. Dull tweezers and scissors can cause more painful grooming and can irritate the skin. Tweezers and scissors should be sharp and should close completely without any gaps between the points.

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Tip 4: Care for your skin after grooming.

Using a hydrating oil on the skin after grooming will help calm and soothe the skin, avoiding irritation and ingrown hairs.

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