In our latest edition of BeautyLeeBar hacks, we’re sharing ways to shortcut your body care routine. The reality is that sometimes there’s just not enough time to apply our tried and true regimen. In these cases, we can rely on fast tweaks that still bring solid results. Scroll down below to find out body care tips on how to get better smooth skin by using Kyncare

WHAT IS KYNCARE: KYNCARE is a brand that was created by Kyndall Sands who is an Artist and a YouTuber. She created this brand for those who are struggling with Eczema but couldn’t find reliable products. Of course, Eczema is the main reason that KYNCARE was born but if you have dry skin, really if you suffer from troubled, problematic skin then this brand is definitely for you.

Below we’re highlighting eight resourceful body tools and tips to adopt for healthier, smoother skin. Maximize your time with the body care hacks Team BLB swears by below.

• Apply moisturizer while the body is still damp from the shower. This locks in moisture, and applying lotion to damp skin takes half the time rubbing it in.

Kyncare OATS + HONEY BODY CREAM ( $18 ), is a thick, creamy, and luxurious body lotion that makes dry skin a thing of the past. Creamy oatmilk, honey, and almond come together to create this comforting scent. The fragrance doesn’t irritate the skin and doesn’t cause any breakouts.

• Use coconut oil as a shaving cream. It’s all-natural and leaves skin smooth and moisturized.

Kyncare COCONUT CREAM BODY OIL ( $12 ), heals chapped skin. Coconut Cream Body Oil uses Avocado oil to hydrate & moisturize your skin all day, and leave you with the long lasting scent of creamy coconut. You will be smelling like a snack all day and night!

It gives a cool summer beach vibe; very light and smooth on the skin. Primp Tip: Combine the Vanilla Body Butter Cream, it is AMAZING!! You will feel like you are on a tropical paradise island drinking a Pina Colada ❤

• If Lee tries out a serum or cream for her face but doesn’t necessarily love it, she’ll use it on her body so that she’s not being wasteful.


• Use lotion on hands and feet and wrap them in socks for 20-30 minutes. It will heat up the moisturizer so that it penetrates deeper into the skin. The result: hands and feet that are soft, smooth, and ready to be touched.

GARDENIA BODY CREAM( $18 ), has a subtle, floral blend of gardenia and delicate jasmine. The type of cleanness and freshness that you will feel on the daily and nightly is unexplainable. Before you dip your feet into all that goodness, make sure you exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate. GARDENIA FOAMING SUGAR SCRUB ( $12 ), is formulated with sugar and foaming whipped soap, the sugar scrubs will leave your skin feeling fresh & smelling delicious! Lather onto a loofah or between your hands and buff onto the skin. It makes you smell edible & the consistency of the scrub is light a fluffy, not too rough, but still exfoliating. Love it! The packaging is cute as well. 10/10 recommend.

• If you’re going out at night and showing skin, use body oil for extra glow—and you can add a dollop of a liquid highlighter to the oil for seriously sexy skin.

PASSIONFRUIT SPLASH BODY OIL ( $12 ), uses Avocado oil to hydrate & moisturize your skin all day, and leave you with a long lasting tropical smell. This body oil is very light and smells like heaven. It feels amazing especially after a nice bath. Try pairing this with Gardenia Body Butter! It is the best combo ever! These two scents compliment each other very well.

• After applying your daily sunscreen to your face, make sure to wipe the remainder on the tops of your hands and chest. These areas get overlooked, but they’re in desperate need of SPF too.

• To naturally get rid of ingrown hairs, exfoliate, then use a dry brush, and a tweezer.

PINEAPPLE MOISTURE SCRUB ( $16 ), slough off dry, dead skin & leave your skin feeling ultra moisturized and baby soft. Kyncare juicy moisturizing scrubs are perfect for those who want exfoliation AND silky skin even after leaving the shower.

• Always wash your face and body after you condition your hair so you don’t have lingering product on your skin.

Lee didn’t find many reviews on this brand but from the videos that came up, all of the feedbacks were positive and uplifting. She will be going back for more, can’t wait to see what new products are going to be in the KYNCARE catalog! Each jar is handmade in small batches in-house so be patient and read the directions carefully.

Have you purchased from KYNCARE? If so, what was your experience like and what did you get? Comment Below!


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