When it comes to decor, every element of your home’s design is a reflection of who you are. No matter if they’re big statement pieces like beds and sofas, or small ones like cabinet door fixtures and door stoppers, every item adds life and personality to your home.

Certain things will always be cherished as simple pleasures. One of those things is the feeling when you walk into a room and love the way it smells. Shouldn’t we feel that more often? I’m going to go ahead and say definitely. Candles are a simple way to brighten your most sacred space and fill it with delicious scents and positive vibes. 

Today, BeautyLeeBar has 125 Collection in the spotlight for a very good reason. 125 Collection is a Black-owned candle brand, not only Black-owned but 125 Collection is a FEMALE BLACK-OWNED brand! 125 Collection sells wonderful fragrance scented candles that display sweet, spicy, and spiritual quotes on each candle.

Quote candles by The 125 Collection are created to inspire, motivate and make you laugh. Made with a soy blend wax and a lead-free, cotton wick. Produced with premium fragrance oils created by a top perfumer in NYC. Proudly made in the USA. These candles set the mood. So not only does your space get to stay lit, but your support will help your fellow sister shine, and that’s the definition of #BlackGirlMagic.

ABOUT: The 125 Collection is an urban luxury candle brand that was created in Harlem and based in NYC that fuses fun, style, and individuality into its products. Founded by two friends in the beauty and fashion industries, they created this brand because they love candles but also because they wanted a product that encourages self-expression and self-love. Constantly inspired by NYC and pop culture, they created these candles to empower, inspire, and make you laugh. The 125 Collection name celebrates the legendary “125th Street” located in the heart of Harlem’s bustling community

Just FYI, each candle has a Fragrance profile that gives clear understandable description of the vibe that the candles will provide depending on which scent the consumer choices. Scroll down to find which 125 Collection are my faves:


Fragrance profiles: 

Lavender & Sage: Cuddle up by the fire and retrieve into the comfort of soothing lavender & sage. Enveloping musk creates the perfect zen moment alone or with friends. 

Tobacco Flower & Vanilla: Indulgent, textural warmth, a woody gourmand expression that is frothy, creamy and elevated with tobacco & whipped vanilla balance with white woods. White musk & touches of coffee notes fueling an addictive, edgy sillage.

Spicy Blood Orange: A new freshness with unexpected warm, refreshing yet addicting, inspired by your favorite cocktail drink. A seasonless fragrance combines “fizzed” blood orange with a touch of spice balance with comforting warm notes of praline wood and vanilla.

Candle Specifics: Volume: 10.5 ounces Approximate burn time: 70 hours Candle Jar Dimension: 4.25 inches (tall) x 3.25 inches (diameter)

Do you have a scent you just can’t live without from a black owned brand? We’d love to know!


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