Looking to take a breather from Netflix and dive into a new book? Today the Hello Beauty team is sharing the reads we recommend adding to your quarantine activity list. We all need a little escape right now, whether it’s through a feel-good playlist or a new paperback—it’s the self-care rituals we incorporate in our daily routines that matter most for our mental health during this time. Sink into the books that caught our attention during the current pandemic, and let us know what you’re reading in the comments on Instagram.

Quick Background: Hogoè Elimiera has become our favorite person to follow and to read! Hogoè Elimiera is a BLACK FEMALE author and a model. Hogoè Elimiera is a college student and is from Lomé, Togo. Below are her amazing books where you can purchase from Amazon.

Painfully Numb Paperback ($8.78)

by Hogoè Elimiera (Author)

I’m dark-skinned before I am black.” Paperback ($6.90)

by Hogoè Elimiera (Author)

Rose Scented Scars Paperback ($8.03)

by Hogoè Elimiera (Author)

logically Depressed Paperback ($8.34)

by Hogoe Elimiera (Author)

Hey, lost child Paperback ($8.59)

by Hogoe Elimiera (Author)

Dear Me, Thank You For Existing Paperback ($5.38)

by Hogoè Elimiera (Author)

Dear Future Kids Paperback

by Hogoe kpessou (Author)

To my one-sided flutters Paperback ($6.00)

by Hogoè Elimiera (Author)

Too me to be human, Too human to be me Paperback

by Hogoe Elimiera (Author)

Check Hogoe Elimiera Instagram out and let us know in the comments what other book recommendations we should read next! Thank you for reading and welcome to the family xx.




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