People Are Sleeping Less in Quarantine—Here Are Our Favorite Concealers to Pretend We Are

This season of life has come with a lot of surprise challenges. Who knew I’d stay up all night listening to Megan Thee Stallion for days on end? Or that I’d learn the problem with my finances all this time was me going out to eat every other day? But the most surprising of all is that even though I spend the most time at home as ever, I get significantly less sleep. And I know I’m not the only one! The Sleep Foundation explained that everything from raised anxiety to changes to daily life to extra screen time can cause our sleep to decrease in length and quality

So we know we’re not sleeping, and while there are a few healthy, natural ways to get that under control, you know my style: I’ll show you how to Band-Aid the problem for a little bit. What better way to hide all the sins of yesterday than concealer!? Until you can get those glorious few hours of sleep, these will save you for any shopping trip, meeting, or virtual happy hour you have planned—and they’ll do it without looking cakey, dry, or heavy on your face. Here are our favorites (and a reader-favorite!)


Best for dry skin:


Stay Woke Luminous Brightening Concealer

If concealers typically make you feel parched under the eyes after a few hours, you need a creamy formula that keeps its moisture all day long, and Uoma’s Stay Woke concealer does just that. It’s hydrating right from the start and blends seamlessly into your skin or any foundation you might have underneath it. The creaminess doesn’t take away from the coverage though, so you’ll be sure to cover up those dark circles in a cinch.


Best for oily skin:


Shape Tape Concealer

As someone with dry under eyes, I never found love with this concealer, but I can see how it would be an absolute dream for oily skin (and also, it’s one of the top-selling concealers in the world, so maybe it’s me!). When I’ve used it on the parts of my complexion that get oily, it stays put all day long and doesn’t move, which is exactly what you want in a concealer. It boasts full-coverage, all-day wear that causes minimal creasing.


Best for high-coverage:


I Am Magic Concealer

Of all the concealers on this list, this ranks as the highest coverage. If you’re rocking deep, dark circles, this will be your saving grace. However, the high-coverage doesn’t result in cakey or dry under eyes either. Instead, you’ll notice a smooth canvas that barely needs set with a powder. Coming in at 24 shades, you’re bound to find one that works best with your skin tone.


Reader and editor-favorite:


Radiant Creamy Concealer

This concealer is basically makeup royalty. It’s in the makeup bag of most celebrities, beauty editors, and normal people alike. Our editor Cassie once said it best in our annual empties: “It’s super natural looking while still giving the perfect amount of coverage, and never creases or looks dry (even on my crazy-dry skin). I’ve been loving putting a little of this under my eyes and on blemishes when I work from home to put a little put-together and awake. I love that I can wear it on its own without it ever looking like I’m obviously wearing concealer. This was an obvious re-purchase for me—I’ll never be without it.”


Best at the drugstore:


Conceal + Perfect Longwear Concealer

This isn’t the first time I’ve raved about this concealer. It’s my favorite concealer I’ve ever found at the drugstore, and I think it’s ideal for all skin types. It has a natural matte finish, but don’t let that deter you dewy girls: it still looks gorgeous and natural when paired with your favorite dewy moisturizers, foundations, and highlighters. I love this all over my face to spot conceal as well because the coverage is amazing and it blends out to look just like my skin. At under $10, go ahead and buy your summer and winter shade.


Best splurge:


Power Fabric Concealer

I know this one is a little on the pricey side, but I couldn’t leave it out because it’s basically the only concealer I’ve worn the past five months. It is everything you want in a concealer: light, natural, hydrating, creaseless, and blendable. The price might put an ache in your neck for a second, but you only have to use a little bit so the concealer goes a long way. I also use it as a foundation sometimes, and that is absolutely *chef’s kiss*. I feel a little fancy and extra confident every time I use it, and that’s worth double the price to me!


Most long-wearing:


Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer

Fenty Beauty has to make its way into basically any roundup because the products are truly made for everyone. I could have given this “Best Shade Range” or “Best for Special Occasions” or “Best for All Skin Types,” but the magic of this concealer lies in its staying power. Dab it on the under eyes and without setting it, it lasts hours upon hours. If you set it (ideally with the Fenty powder, which I can vouch for, and it’s one of the best!), it’s over for your under eyes. Dark circles who? Never met her. This concealer has all the properties of those above, but how long it lasts without creasing or separating is what makes it stand out. If you have a hard time with concealers rubbing off on you, try this.


WHAT IS YOUR GO-TO CONCEALER? ( let us know in the comments)

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