How To Prevent Makeup SMUDGING! Mask Friendly Makeup

Before you start bashing me in the comments section or on Twitter, hear me out first, okay? I know some of you are thinking, what’s the point of wearing makeup when half your face is covered, or it’s not the time to worry about makeup. Well, those are valid opinions but for some, applying makeup gives them a sense of normalcy during these severe times. I never thought of writing a guide on how to prevent makeup from smudging on face masks until a doctor in an online beauty group asked about it. She got criticized but I’m glad a majority supported her and gave her tips. And surprisingly, there are now a handful of face mask makeup tutorials online.

Below are some tips and tricks by some of my favorite beauty gurus on how to prevent makeup from smudging on your face mask, or how to prevent it from staining. But if you’re suffering from acne breakouts from wearing a face mask, you can read this post instead.


Jackie Aina

I don’t know about you but keeping makeup off my masks has been quite the TASK so I brought back this old school tip on how to prevent makeup from smudging. This is a really amazing makeup transfer proof technique!! ENJOY!

Christen Dominique

These are my tips and tricks I’ve found that have been keeping my makeup fresh so none comes off when I put on or take my face mask off!    

Gabriella Elena

Yes, you might have a little transfer (YOU’RE WEARING MAKEUP! LOL).. ♥️

Koko Guerra

Hey Boos! I missed y’all! Waassssssup? Thanks for watching and I hope at least one of these techniques help your makeup to not just be mask proof but to last you much longer through out the day! Tis the summer to slay your smudge free, mask proof makeup!!

Beauty Over 40

For the 40 and over beauties, here are tips that you will enjoy!


Despite the tips you heard from all those amazing beauties, I just want to tell you that, do what’s comfortable with you. If you’re not into the glamourized eyes, foundation or you are a minimalist makeup wearer, that is okay. Follow your mood. I actually go out often without makeup. I just do my basic skincare regiment ( ” basic ” might not be the right wording but I mean I do my quick skincare and go since I am usually in a rush for work).

Do you have tips on how to prevent makeup from smudging on face masks or do you have a face mask makeup tutorial? Don’t hesitate to share it below!


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