Yes, nipple orgasms are real. How exciting … literally!

There are many erogenous zones north of the genitals, such as the ears, neck, stomach, and any other place on your body that gets you going. People of all genders report pleasurable sensations in their nipples, but stop short of realizing the orgasmic potential hidden in this sensitive tissue.

When it comes to sexual pleasure, there is so much more to know about the Big O. Mainstream media and porn would have us think of breasts as merely ornamental, solely for procreation, or that the path to orgasmic pleasure starts and stops with penetrative sex, but that is simply not the case. The human body maintains the capacity for pleasure in many forms, in many places, and the opportunities are abundant above the waist.


What does a nipple orgasm feel like?
Like any pleasurable sexual sensation, there is incredible diversity in the frequency and quality of the experience from person to person. Nipple orgasms can feel much like a traditional genital orgasm, replete with pelvic contractions, or they can feel like strong, radiating vibrations emanating from the breasts throughout the entire body. Whoa!

Nipple orgasms can lead up to genital orgasms, happen at the same time, or occur on their own. The genital sensory cortex lights up the same way for nipple stimulation as it does for clitoral and other genital stimulation, and oxytocin is released into the bloodstream following both kinds of orgasms. There are as many variations for stand-alone, blended, and multiple orgasms as you are willing to explore.

The good news is that anyone with nipples (regardless of gender) has the potential to experience nipple orgasms. However, a breast reduction, breast implants, or nipple piercings can diminish nipple sensitivity. Don’t fret if you find yourself unable to have nipple orgasms on their own, but perhaps give yourself a little more time with your breasts and nipples before you rule it out as an option or an augment to your already steamy sexy time.


How do you have a nipple orgasm?
Nipple orgasms may feel out of reach, especially if you are someone who has struggled to achieve genital orgasms. Like any sexual experience, the more mindful you are, the more likely it will be mind-blowing. First, set the stage for sexual vitality. You know what you like. Prepare your mind, body, and space for optimal pleasure. Check your senses. Do you like what you see, hear, smell, taste, and can feel around you? If not, make some adjustments so the ambiance is just right. Light some beeswax candles, get some sexy smells permeating the room, put on something that is texturally pleasing to your skin … or take it all off. Whatever works for you. Take a few deep breaths, clear your mind, and give yourself permission to feel every cell in your body.

You can experiment with nipple orgasms alone or with a partner, and you may notice different sensations on your skin, breast, and nipple tissue, in both scenarios. In either case, take some time and give all of your erogenous zones some love. When you’re good and turned on, you’re ready to conjure a nipple-gasm. Start slow and on your breasts. With your fingertips, caress the skin of your breasts. You might toy with alternating between your fingertips, fingernails, or any other textile that feels good. Wet nipples (you can use saliva, lube, lotion, massage oil, or water) generally experience more intense sensations, but pay attention to how your body responds. There is no one way to get there.


Increase the stimulation by moving toward more circular motions, closer and closer to your areolas and nipples, but tease them. Gently caress or squeeze them, intermittently with other stroking movements, to heighten a sense of anticipation. As your nipples become more erect, you might play with gently pulling on or pinching them.

Start with a light pinch, and if it feels good to you, increase your grip or even try a nipple clamp. Try twisting your nipples or rolling them between your fingers. If you are playing with a partner, or are really, really flexible, use your tongue and start licking, kissing, sucking, and blowing on the nipple. Sucking on a nipple or gently nibbling (you might want to wrap your teeth in your lips for a softer nibble) can increase blood flow to that area and lead to even more intense pleasure.


If you notice that your nipples are not rising to the occasion, try adjusting the temperature. Warming oils, tingling lubes, or ice cubes can be a game-changer. Some cold chocolate or caramel syrup can be a real treat for you both too. Don’t hold back. Let your imagination run wild. Looking for a new toy? Try a regular or nipple vibrator. Yes, they exist too, and some brands even have versions that come equipped with built-in suction, freeing up your hands for added fun.

Make sure you are checking in with both yourself and your partner (if you’re playing with a partner). Before you get started, get active consent. Talk about limits, fears, or bottom lines to curate an experience of pleasure and not pain (unless pain is your thing, and then define the boundaries together!).

Even if your nipples do not explode orgasmic bliss, it’s OK. Remember, there is no right way to come, and even if you do not have an orgasm at all, that’s OK too. Sex can still be steamy without an orgasm, and the goal in sexuality is to give yourself the gift of embodied pleasure. Make your breasts and nipples a part of the equation, and you’re likely to see a big shift in your whole-body experience of sexual bliss.

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