The Right Way to Apply Bronzer for Your Face Shape

Bronzer can give your complexion warmth and a sculpted appearance. Apply too much or apply it incorrectly, however, and it can look unnatural and severe. “Depending on your face shape, strategic placement of bronzer is key to creating the perfect glow and enhancing your complexion,” says makeup artist Rachel Halsey. “The basic rule I follow when applying bronzer is to focus on the areas of the face that the sun would naturally touch: the forehead, bridge of the nose and cheekbones,” says Halsey. 

Because the right placement can differ by face shape, we asked Halsey to share the best way to apply bronzer, whether your face is oval, round, heart or square. Read on for her tips. 


Where to Apply Bronzer on Oval Face Shapes

With a light hand, apply your bronzer to the top of the forehead along the hairline, as well as on the cheeks. For a more contoured look, apply it in the hollows of cheeks. You can also lightly dust it along the bridge of the nose.

Where to Apply Bronzer on Heart Face Shapes

Similar to that of an oval face shape, bronzer application should hit the top of the forehead and cheeks. For heart face shapes, however, you’ll want to use more product along the hairline and temple area. Finally, add a touch of bronzer on the bottom of the chin — you want to accentuate your natural angles.

Where to Apply Bronzer on Round Face Shapes

To sculpt a round face, apply the bronzer along the cheekbones in a downward motion toward the jaw so it creates a soft shadow. It might be best to use a powder formula like the FENTY BEAUTY SUN STALK’R INSTANT WARMTH BRONZER for this. Blend well for a natural finish. 

Where to Apply Bronzer on Square Face Shapes

If you have a square face shape, sweep your bronzer in a curved line along the middle of the forehead and along the middle of the cheeks (right between the hollows and the top of the cheekbones) to help soften the corners of your face. 



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