6 Tips to Stop Makeup From Transferring onto Your Clothes and Protective Masks

Getting makeup on your clean white t-shirt or face mask is frustrating. Not only will it add to your laundry load, but it also leaves you with streaky or patchy looking makeup. And while it might seem easier to skip foundation and face makeup and stick to just eye makeup instead, there are tricks to preventing makeup transfer. Here, we’re sharing some of the best tips to keep makeup in place.


Spray Your Mask With Setting Spray

Once you’ve finished setting your makeup, make sure you spritz the inside of your protective face mask with some setting spray as an extra layer of insurance. The OFRA Makeup Fixer Setting Spray and Tarte Cosmetic maracuja miracle mist setting spray are perfect for this. 

Try a Waterproof Formula 

To ensure maximum protection, make sure you’re opting for a waterproof formula. It may seem straightforward, but trust us when we say that these formulas are long-lasting and stay in place. We recommend the SELENA GOMEZ’S RARE BEAUTY Concealer.

Set Everything

You probably know that setting your makeup is necessary for long-lasting results, but as vlogger Manny MUA shows in this video, there’s a technique to achieving a truly transfer-proof finish. First, he applies his moisturizer and then sets it with a translucent powder and the Urban Decay All Nighter Spray. Then, he primes his face with a tacky primer to help keep the foundation in place. After he applies his foundation and concealer, he sets his face again with a translucent powder, except this time he lets the products sit on his face for about five minutes. Once the five minutes are up, he sets his face again using a spray before finishing the rest of his face with bronzer, highlighter and blush. Finally, he goes in with one last round of translucent powder all over his face.


Use Your Hair as a Shield 

In this video, fashion blogger Naomi Boyer shows us how to safely put on a clean shirt after applying makeup. The trick is to comb your hair in front of your face. Then, while looking down, pull the opening of the shirt as far apart as you can and quickly pull it over your head. 


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Press and Roll 

Using a very light touch and a soft facial tissue, use vlogger Crystal’s press and roll method to absorb excess makeup that could potentially get onto your clothing or mask.


Be Gentle with Your Mask

After completing and setting a full face using long-lasting formulas, Marie Jay says that the key to avoiding transfer onto a protective face mask is to apply the mask strategically. Instead of hooking the mask on one ear and sliding it across her face to the hook the other ear, which can cause transfer, she opens the mask, gently holds it in the center of her face without applying too much pressure and then hooks each ear in place. It’s a small step, but it’s one more thing that can help to ensure your makeup stays in place.



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