The Cult Affordable Basic Every Fashion Person Owns

If there’s one piece that has defined fashion in 2020, it’s the padded shoulder tee. Yep, the wardrobe basic officially rose to cult status this year and it’s easy to see why. By adding statement-making shoulder pads to a standard tee, the ‘80s detail instantly updates a regular basic, making it the perfect Zoom-ready piece to slip into. While it started out as a trend we first saw with sleeveless muscle tops, shoulder pad details have since made their way to sleeved T-shirts as well as dresses.

Fashion people are definitely on board and have been debuting plenty of must-repeat looks wearing the upgraded basic. From outfits with sweatpants and sneakers to tailored trousers and boots, there’s lots of inspiration for how to style the cool staple ahead. And yes, you can count me as a big personal fan of the trend. I always have my eye on the best new fashion finds and this one has stuck with me all year. Trust me, you’ll want to get shopping.


Remember how I said I was a big fan of the trend? Here’s the proof.

Does it get any more simple or chic?


Here are some style tips to wear your padded tops:

♡ Bold color.

♡ Paired with Bermuda shorts and heels, you will have the perfect outfit.

♡ Just add slouchy trousers. This will elevate your look and it’ll look more expensive, specially if you wear heels and gold jewelry.

♡ Looking for a fresh way to wear your sweatpants and sneakers? This is it.

♡ Add sleeve padded tee and padded sweaters to your wardrobe.

♡ Mini skirt + Padded Tee = Yep, the perfect piece to wear

♡ And yes, there are stunning padded dresses as well.

♡ Pair with fall boots and top off with a trench coat.

♡ A way to style a padded shoulders muscle t-shirt and make your look more chic, is to pair it with leather pants, shorts, a skirt, anything leather really. Definitely an outfit I would wear 24/7 if I was in New York.

♡ Keep it basic. Padded shoulders make me feel more put together and they add more structure to an outfit. Keep your look simple & cute by pairing your padded shoulders muscle t-shirt with jeans. Throw on gold jewelry, sandals, a cute baguette bag and you’re good to go! You can wear the t-shirt with loose mom jeans or skinny jeans – you’ll look cute AF no matter what.


Fashion Nova + Pretty Little Thing

Hannah Shoulder Pad Tee – Marsala

$24.99 SHOP NOW.

Lana Padded Shoulder Crop Top – Heather Grey

$19.99 USD $9.98 Final Sale SHOP NOW.


Reckless Padded Top – Charcoal

$19.99 USD SHOP NOW.

Baby Girl Padded Crop Top – Charcoal

$19.99 USD SHOP NOW.

Glowed Up Padded Bodysuit – Olive

$19.99 USD SHOP NOW.


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