Here’s How To Rock A Little Black Dress In 2020 With OH POLLY

While most of the outside world is slowly reopening after a lengthy six months of back-to-back business shutdowns, I feel the energy in the air returning along with a certain zest for life. As I yearn to reunite with loved ones, I marvel at how much I’d taken advantage of their quality time pre-pandemic. While others are still met with a slight hesitation when posed with the idea of moving freely around strangers once again, people such as myself are thrilled to rejoin society much more than anticipated.


With birthdays and celebrations being a never-ending season, what a better time for small occasional gatherings celebrating more life as we go into the final stretch of 2020. With holiday festivities soon to come as we quickly head into the winter months, I decided that widening my scope to shop outside of the sweatpants and leisure-wear I’ve been confined to since mid-March. As more events begin to fill up the rest of my 2020 calendar, I decided to round up my favorite go-to little black cocktail dresses this fall. Once retail stores began to reopen, I took advantage of items I saw myself wearing once “normal” life resumed.

Call me a shopaholic or optimistic, either way, here are three OH POLLY LBD styles I’m impatiently waiting to keep me chic all night long this holiday season:

The Cutout

I love anything designed with a pop of skin. Super modern, a cut out mini black dress is a perfect choice for a date or chic night on the town with your girlfriends. Ultra chic and reminiscent of a vintage 90’s silhouette, this ultra-chic v-cut out dress is one of my favorites finds this year. Styled with minimal jewelry, I allowed the dress to speak for itself.

Blazer Dress

This dress is tailored for the self-made girl boss. Dressed in all black with a plunging neckline, this look is the perfect structured look for a woman about her business during the day and cocktail hour at night. A classic silhouette that never goes out of style, don’t be afraid to steal your boyfriend’s oversized blazer jacket to easily achieve this super chic look.


Ruched in all the Right Places

Ruched details are having a major moment this year. This body-hugging design feature has been a personal favorite to enhance my figure, adding more curves and shape to the proper areas. This dress was definitely made for the GURLSSS, so I plan to find any excuse to wear this LBD for the coming holiday season.

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