10 Apps That Make Adulting a LITTLE LESS STRESSFUL

Just like beauty and life hacks, yes, there’s an app for that. From front-door service to neighborhood alerts, we have the knowledge and tools at our fingertips to ease our daily routines with just one swipe. The apps we use can a) drain our bank account (Postmates, we’re looking at you) or b) today’s focus, make our lives way easier. Below, we’re highlighting the apps we use nonstop to make adulting a little less stressful. Scroll on for a peek at what’s on the BeautyLeeBar team’s phones.


Mint: Budgeting made simple. Mint syncs with your bank account to track and file your spending activity through digestible graphs. Dare we say it makes figuring out your finances fun?

Citizen: Receive live safety notifications about what’s going on in your neighborhood through the Citizen’s emergency response system. Consider this the digital version of being a nosy neighbor (all in the name of safety, of course).

Venmo: What was life even like before the convenience of Venmo? Send and receive money with three simple clicks.

Flo: Never worry about when your cycle starts/ends again. Flo makes it easy to track menstruation and menopause through its user-friendly calendar. It also offers quizzes to educate about and monitor women’s health. The app Clue is another great option for ovulation tracking.

Happy, Not Perfect: Prioritize self-care with this guided meditation app. Use your smartphone to reduce stress and anxiety. It’s a great way to start or end your day.

EWG/Skin Deep: A free app that gives you access to a database that ranks ingredients in skincare and beauty products so you can avoid dangerous chemicals and toxins.

Planta: Planta keeps track of when you watered your plants and reminds you when to water based on the type of plant. It also gives you tips on how to care for your greenery. You can even lookup plants by uploading a photo. And if your plant dies, they create a plant graveyard for you, lol.

Canva: The graphic design editing app has templates for invites, resumes, business cards—anything you can think of. Step up your next hosting duties with an easy-to-create invitation.

Hopper: If you’re not already using Hopper to watch for airline tickets, let today be the day you download it. After you’ve selected a destination and date range, it alerts you when flight prices jump and are at their lowest. Book your next trip the smart and savvy way.

Co-Star: If you’re into astrology, this is a gem. It sends push notifications and one-liners for the day.

What apps do you use to make your life less chaotic? We want to know in the comments.


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