Yes, Mask-Acne Is Still A Thing… Here’s How To Fix It ASAP

The discovery of a new virus, COVID-19, has put us in a strange situation that created more problems than we originally had. There’s a coin shortage, food supply chain breakdown, people are still jobless, and this vaccine that is supposed to protect us from the corona is killing us. In the beauty world, we were introduced to a new, but no so new skincare ailment- mascne.


Formally know as acne mechanics, it’s a form of acne that occurs due to friction. Maskne is a more compound form of acne mechanica- take the friction of the mask and add dirt and bacteria from wearing an unwashed mask day in and day out and you have maskne! Also, you can get mascne from oil and sweat building up from wearing a mask.

Still, wear your mask!

So how to care for it? Three steps:

Don’t abandon your skincare routine.

Keeping your face cleansed, toned, moisturized, and protected is key. If you have a routine, keep going.

If you don’t, now is the time to create a routine to help your skin gain strength and remain healthy.

Also, try switching it up. If your favorite product isn’t cutting it right now, don’t throw it away. It might be time to try something else that caters to the climate and the weather that you are in at the moment. Your skin just needs an extra boost with dealing with mask-acne along with any other skin conditions.


Wash that mask.

What can I say? Your mask is filthy. And paper masks are wasteful and filthy (not to mention they are NOT reusable). Purchase a few cloth masks and wash your mask during your evening skincare routine.

Stop washing your masks with the laundry. Hand washes in warm water using your facial cleanser. Your facial cleanser is capable of removing dirt, oil, makeup, and bacteria from your mask. If you are dedicated to oil and cream cleansers, purchase a clarifying gel cleanser just for your masks.

Be proactive- spot treat.

Before maskne, the skincare industry was full of spot treatments. Add one to your routine during the day to destroy bacteria and keep your skin clear. Here are my top 4 favorite acne spot treatments:

Let’s talk about maskne!

Are you currently suffering from maskne? Have you won the battle? What products have been working for you?

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