I’m Treating Myself To The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Date Night

I used to be one of those people who would wince at the thought of being single for Valentine’s Day. However, after years of doing exactly that, I now see Feb. 14 as an opportunity to shower myself with love, as opposed to wallowing in disappointment that I’m not getting it from someone else. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to be wined and dined for the holiday and doing what lovers do. But, unless a significant other drop magically out of the sky, I’ll be sailing through this Valentine’s Day alone. And I’m not bummed about it.


Considering the year we’ve all had, I’ve made the conscious decision to be my romantic partner this year. I’ve scheduled a spa day for myself, complete with a fresh Pedi, my favorite facial, and deep tissue massage. I’m taking myself to one of my favorite restaurants (socially distanced and outdoors, of course), have booked myself a hotel room for the night, and have arranged a masterfully curated self-care kit that I’ll be indulging in throughout the evening.

Now, to some that may seem extra, but to me, there’s no such thing as extra when it comes to self-love. And, to be frank, I deserve it. That’s why I spent quite a bit of time nailing down the details of my Valentine’s Day self-care kit this year. It includes carefully selected products that I can indulge in for my hotel stay and beyond. Each item is practical yet luxurious and reminds me that, with or without a companion, I deserve all the love and all the gifts. Check out what made the cut, ahead.

Buttah Skin Charcoal Detox Mask, $24

There will never come a day when I’m not completely obsessed with a great detoxifying mask. This one, with charcoal, argan oil, and shea butter is one of my favorites. At the beginning of the evening, I’ll let this sit on my skin for 10 minutes and enjoy a glowing complexion for the rest of the night.

Forvr Mood Sweet Spot Candle, $35

Is it really a romantic night in without a candle burning? My pick this year is an aromatic blend of orange, jasmine, and musk, that’s equal parts sweet and masculine.

Before BedHeadz Stardust Pretty in Pink, $29.99

Usually, when it comes to the silk scarves that protect my hair at night, I don’t get too picky with my choices. However, this isn’t any ordinary night. I’ll be protecting these edges with this decadent, 100%-silk scarf. 2021 is all about Living, Loving, and Flourishing!

Margot Elena This Moment Bubble Bath, $56

This year, I’ve resolved to bask more in the moment and appreciate the little things. This bubble bath is a reminder of that promise to myself. With the tranquil aroma of lily and sun blossoms, my hour-long bath session is guaranteed to leave me feeling relaxed and appreciative.

McBride Sisters Be Mine Pair, $59

One of my most recent obsessions has been the McBride Sisters wine. The Black-owned, sister-led company out of Monterey, California, makes some of the most incredible wine I’ve ever tasted. Luckily, they’ve put two of my favorite offerings, the rosé and merlot, together in a box set that I’ll surely be indulging in this year.

Savage Fenty Puff Daisy Xtra VIP Box, $59.95

Savage Fenty Savage Not Sorry Lace Bodysuit, NEW VIP OFFER – 50% Off $29.98

I firmly believe that lingerie isn’t about another person. It should be about making the wearer feel sexy.


Valentine might be different this year because of Covid-19, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop loving ourselves and doing things that make us feel sexy. All because we are quarantine ( well we all should be – THAT MEANS YOU TOO CELEBRITIES) doesn’t mean enjoying our life has to stop. It just means to get more creative and smart with it.

How are you spending your Valentine’s Day?

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