How to Get Rid of ACNE SCARS

Acne scars rarely occur unless we’ve, ehem, picked at them. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, sometimes it’s avoidable but we can’t help ourselves, and sometimes, a pimple never fully comes to fruition, though the ghost of what could’ve been insisting on lingering. Those bastards! That’s because sometimes the clogged pore beneath the breakout we didn’t touch expands to the point that the follicle wall breaks.


What we’re left with is discoloration, uneven skin, dark or red spots, and sometimes even uneven, slightly pockmarked skin. Now, a new mission is revealed—treat those scars, fast. Here are a few tricks.



This treatment can be done by a professional with a specific machine, or at home with a roller or our favorite, this stamp set. The tiny needles make micro-injuries to the skin, causing only minor, reparable damage that results in accelerated healing and increased collagen production. When skin is healing, new cells are being pushed to the top, evening out the skin tone and texture to rid even deep scarring over time.


GOLDE Papaya Bright

Alpha hydroxy acids are exfoliating compounds in many skincare products and naturally found in fruit acids, which is why we love this papaya enzyme mask for gentle, regular exfoliation. While we don’t want to irritate the skin by over-exfoliation, fruit acids are safe for one to two times weekly. You can also use fruit puree or even yogurt from natural lactic acid (another AHA) for an easy at-home remedy, though a little messier.


LIVING LIBATIONS Rosemary Reset Powder

We don’t commonly think of this herb for skincare uses, but we definitely should. This tasty aromatic increases circulation when consumed, but also when applied topically, which brings nutrient-dense blood to the point of application, speeding healing. It’s also anti-inflammatory and reduces redness. We love this powder used as a spot treatment on our scars whilst we WFH, mixed with a little healing oil of choice, like tamanu, or DewDab for good measure.

LED Light


Light therapy is exploding right now, and for good reason. These light-emitting electrodes heat things up at different therapeutic wavelengths to boost circulation, speed healing, and combat the signs of aging. The DMH Aesthetics mask comes with three settings: red, blue, and amber. While blue prevents acne in the first place, red and amber will be best for stimulating new collagen and cell turnover, revealing fresh, even skin with regular use.


Manuka Honey

MANUKAGUARD Honey Dew Manuka Honey

Not only is this sweet treat powerfully antimicrobial to prevent breakouts to begin with, but it’s got soothing, anti-inflammatory properties to boot. Apply a light layer as a mask as often as you like, or go for a spot treatment a few times a week.

Aloe Vera

HOLIKA HOLIKA Aloe 99% Soothing Gel

You have some DIY options here. Buy a convenient bottle of the concentrated stuff, or whack off a leaf at the source, slicing off the spikes on the side and fileting out the goo to apply directly onto the face. Aloe is super hydrating, repairing, and soothing, reducing the appearance of scars by nourishing the area. You can even apply a little slab of the clear aloe plant innards onto a scar like a Band-aid spot treatment while working from home to let it work its magic for as long as possible. Don’t overdo it though—aloe, like most other fruits and veggies, has some natural acids in it, making it mildly exfoliating. Overuse can actually cause dryness and irritation, so no need to do this twice a day, every day.

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